American Airlines Premium In-flight Upgrades for Summer Travel
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American Airlines Premium In-flight Upgrades for Summer Travel

The summers have arrived and it’s vacation time for most people. Family tourism is at its peak during this time and American Airlines makes it even more comfortable for the tourists with its new premium in-flight upgrades.

American Airlines is a popular airline-service provider based in the United States of America. They have some of the best onboarding and other amenities for their passengers. Now they have launched summer-friendly travel facilities that will take them higher in the hospitality business.

Some of the new additions to the world-class American Airlines amenities are new and reimagined amenity kit, bedding, new Flagship Suite Seats, and delicious region-based delicacies on different routes.

Stylish Amenity Kits

American Airlines has collaborated with several boutique and renowned brands to curate rotating amenity kit designs for its passengers in different cabins. These amenity kits include premium skincare products which everyone will love. The airline is launching this feature from the Memorial Day weekend in over 300 transcontinental and international flights. These amenity kits will be a feature of Premium Economy, Flagship First Class, and Flagship Business Class cabins.

The primary and basic amenity kit of American Airlines that is available always include ear plugs, eye masks, toothbrush, and dental kit. Now, these amenity kits will also have skincare products from New brands in the premium cabins. You’ll be thrilled to learn about the collaboration between premium brands, like Thirteen Lune and voices, like Joanna Vargas and Relevant. 

The amenity kit program by American Airlines will rotate throughout the year with a cycle of new products in the premium range for the above-mentioned cabins.

The products in the amenity kit of premium cabin passengers on American Airlines are:

  • Joanna Vargas hand and body lotion
  • Relevant lip balm
  • Foldable wheat straw and toothbrush
  • Miradent toothpaste
  • Eye mask
  • Ear plugs.

The Flagship First and Flagship Suite passengers also receive some extra products that include Joanna Vargas face mist and Relevant refreshing towelette other than the above products in their amenity kit.

Limited Edition Amenity Kit

The limited addition amenity kit is also a new summer inclusion by American Airlines to reward those loyal and privileged travelers who have achieved some milestones with the airline. These limited-edition kits are designed with few diverse designers with premium brands. These kits will have a QR code installed where passengers can scan and learn about the brands and the quality of the products they have. The Limited-Edition kit is an idea in the pipeline which will be delivered after the premium cabin passengers use the new amenity kits for a few weeks.

New Elevated Bedding

Elevated Bedding is a new summer launch by the American Airlines which is inspired by customer feedback. According to a survey by the airline, 75% of the passengers love to travel with dual-sided pillows. So, American Airlines has launched dual-sided pillows with traditional fabric on one side and cool-touch fabric on the other side. It is a premium facility that is available only for Flagship Business Class and Flagship First Class passengers.

The airline developed the new bedding from recycled materials by collaborating with an inflight textile company, John Horsfall from their Re-Thread collection. 

Flagship Business Class people have a new offering onboard which is slippers for international flights which was only a part of ultra long-haul flights earlier.

Even Premium Economy and Main Cabin passengers can enjoy improved bedding facilities on American Airlines from.this summer. The airline is offering lumbar pillows, fleece blankets, premium duvets, and throw blankets from premium brands. The airline will now provide bedding to the premium cabin passengers in reusable zipper product bags that are made of recycled fibers. The airline claims that using this bag will save 25 tons of plastic waste every year.

Exclusive Dining Menus

American Airlines is now all set to introduce new and unique flavors to your dishes on board. You can enjoy international flavors in your pastas, salads, and other dishes. 

If you’re traveling to famous summer destinations, like France, Italy, Denmark; the airline will offer you some delicacies, like haricots verts, toasted orzo, quinoa, macadamia crusted sea bass with citrus cream sauce, tortellini pasta, pan roasted chicken, and many more such offerings.

Business Class passengers traveling from Europe can enjoy new dishes in the airline menu, like sweet potato mash, lentils ragout, brown butter, apple chutney, and many more.  The wide range of options available on the dining menus of American Airlines is interesting and passengers will love the spread.

New Flagship Suite

This Summer is all new for the American Airlines passengers with new Flagship Suite on their Boeing 787-9, 777-300, and A321XLR fleet. The Flagship Suite will have new interiors and furnished seats. The airline is offering wireless charging, storage, and Bluetooth facilities. These are lie-flat seats and have direct aisle access. You can enjoy a personal experience on this suite with privacy doors and a chaise lounge position to relax on board.

The Flagship Suite Seats have amenities, like Nest Bedding Pajamas and new luxury amenity kits. Even Premium Economy passengers can enjoy wireless charging, privacy headrest wings, and extra storage facilities with the new interiors of American Airlines. The Main Cabin passengers can experience 4K seat-back screens, AC, USB-A/USB-C charging ports, and Bluetooth facilities. The airline is offering 1500 free entertainment channels and high-speed Wi-Fi facilities.

If you’re flying with American Airlines this summer, you’re all set to experience pure class and luxury. So, pack your bags, book your tickets to enjoy a beautiful travel experience on American Airlines this summer

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