China Eastern Airlines Is Now Partnering with Amadeus: Know What It Means
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China Eastern Airlines Is Now Partnering with Amadeus: Know What It Means

In the historic deal, it is important for you to know that China Eastern Airlines have become the first to sign an agreement with the travel technology giant in Mainland China. The deal has created history as it will create a greater impact on NDC (New Distribution Capability.) The main purpose of the partnership is said to be providing global travel sellers with access to the airline’s enriched, customizable content and ancillary products.

Javier Laforgue, Executive Vice President of Amadeus Travel Unit & Managing Director, Asia Pacific, hailed the agreement as a significant step forward, stating, “China Eastern Airlines is an important and valued partner. The deal gives an insight related to our collaboration with China Eastern Airlines and will provide our global network of travel sellers with the ability to easily search, shop, and service product offerings from the airline.”

China Eastern Airlines is soon going to offer wider range product attributes to travel sellers, granting travelers enhanced choice and improved customer service with the implementation of NDC technology. Fu Jian, Vice President of Commercial Development at China Eastern Airlines, emphasized the importance of personalized customer experiences, stating, “We want to provide our customers around the world with more choice and personalization when booking travel with us, and NDC is one of the key enablers to do this.”

China Eastern Airlines, with its main hubs in Shanghai and Beijing and several regional hubs across China, operates an extensive network of flight routes both domestically and internationally as part of the esteemed SkyTeam Alliance. The recent collaboration with Amadeus represents a significant milestone for Amadeus’s expansion into the Chinese aviation market, bringing advanced NDC technology to the forefront for industry leaders. This strategic partnership underscores China Eastern Airlines’ dedication to revitalizing international travel and extending its reach into global markets.

Beyond the immediate access to China Eastern Airlines’ diverse offerings, this partnership reflects a broader commitment to reinvigorating international travel and fortifying the airline’s foothold in overseas territories. Together with Amadeus, China Eastern Airlines is committed to enhancing the travel experience on a global scale and fueling the recovery and expansion of international air travel. Leveraging Amadeus’s cutting-edge solutions, the airline aims to engage with more travelers and cater to their evolving preferences in today’s dynamic global travel landscape.

In this era of rapid change and innovation in the travel industry, the collaboration between China Eastern Airlines and Amadeus signifies the critical importance of collaboration and technological advancement. Through the adoption of NDC technology, both entities are poised to revolutionize travel distribution, offering travelers worldwide a wealth of choices, increased flexibility, and personalized experiences tailored to their preferences and needs.

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