Expert Advised 15 Smart Hacks to Crack the Cheapest Tickets
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Expert Advised 15 Smart Hacks to Crack the Cheapest Tickets

Travelling is fun and exciting but the most threatening part is Budget. The most beautiful places in the world are expensive, so you need to have a decent bank balance to travel. With our everyday hustle and problems, we always postpone our travel dreams to the future and most of the time the reason is Money. Well, it’s time to break those patterns and enjoy budget-friendly travel to your favourite destinations in the world using the following hacks by travel experts.

While weighing Travel and Budget on a scale, let Travel take the upper hand and it’s possible with the below budget-friendly travel hacks. Let’s check it out!

Weekends and Peak seasons are a No-No

Travelling on peak seasons and weekends is the least preferred option for budget-friendly travellers. The flight fares and accommodation tariffs are on surge during peak seasons and weekends because of the high demand from tourists. Also, most of the attractions are crowded during these times, making your exploration less effective and expensive. So, the ideal plan is to opt for off-peak seasons or weekdays. Most destinations and airlines offer cheap flight tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Hence, make your booking during off-peak season or weekdays and enjoy a budget-friendly travelling experience.

Use the best Travel Website

The internet is an ocean for all the travel freaks as there are so many options available. However, your talent lies in choosing the best travel website to make the best deals for your destination. You must look for a travel website that offers the best flight and accommodation prices for your website so that you can buy a package altogether at a much cheaper price. Also, you must ensure that the travel website you choose must have a transparent cancellation and refund policy and 24/7 customer support so that you can reach out when in trouble.

Price Comparison Websites are your Best Friends

The internet world is loaded with so many wonders and one such thing is a price comparison website. When you’re planning a trip, you can use these price comparison websites to compare the prices of different airlines and travel websites for your destination and choose the best and budget-friendly ones according to your preference. These websites offer you a detailed insight on the prices from all travel websites and flight fares of different airlines, which makes it easy for you to choose the cheapest travel option available.

Advance Booking is the Mantra

Booking your flights and accommodations at least 1-2 months in advance is the key to land cheap travel deals. Most flights, hotels, trains, and buses release their tickets 6-8 weeks in advance. If you’re planning a vacation, it is ideal to grab the opportunity and book your tickets in advance to enjoy budget-friendly travel. You can save almost 30%-50% on your flight tickets or hotels if you book in advance. Another benefit of advance booking is you’ll get your desired seat or accommodation as you’re the first one in the queue.

Flexibility with Travel Dates is the Key

If you’re looking to travel budget-friendly, the key is to be flexible with your dates. Peak seasons and weekends are off the mark. However, you can set alerts on the airline and travel websites so that you get notifications when the prices drop. In this way you can plan your travel when the flight and hotel fares are low. It is the best way to save money on your travel budget.

Say No to Direct Flights

Direct flights are great, no doubt! But they are expensive because they help you reach your destination in the shortest time. However, if you want to buy cheapest flight tickets, you must opt for layover flights. There is an advantage to this hack as you can choose a long layover city so that you can explore the major attractions in the city. In this way, you get to explore more than your planned destination.

Travel Light 

Travelling light is the key to crack cheap flight tickets. Most of the time, we end up paying more money for excess baggage because we are carrying everything in our wardrobe. Fashion is mandatory while travelling but you can tweak your fashion in a way so that you can travel with light baggage. You can opt for wrinkle-free fabrics or you can carry multiple shirts or tops that can match with one or two pairs of jeans. You can also pack in compression bags to reduce the size of your packing significantly. The best way to travel is to carry a backpack and explore the world like it’s your home.

Red-Eye Flights are Cheap

Red-Eye Flights equals Late Night Flights and they are cheap! These are the flights that fly around midnight and there is very less demand for these flights. Hence, these flights are cheap and can be suitable for budget-friendly travellers. You can even book red-eye flights at the last minute at cheap prices. Also, there is very less crowd during this time at the airport and in the flight. You can enjoy a relaxed trip on red-eye flights, so choose them for comfort and budget-friendly travel.

Befriend Coupons and Promo Codes

Coupons and Promo Codes are a saviour for budget-friendly travellers. There are many coupon apps and websites that you can use to find the best coupons to avail of cheap flight tickets. With coupons you can save on flight tickets, hotels, and even travel packages to enjoy a budget-friendly trip.

Subscribe to Airline Newsletters and Social Media Channels

Most of the time airlines and travel websites release their sale periods or discount deals on specific airlines that you can grab to find cheap flight tickets. But, how will you know about these offers? You can subscribe to the airline newsletters and their social media channels to get notified about their sale periods and discount deals. In this way, you can plan a budget-friendly trip during the airline sale period.

Bundle up your Travel Package

The best way to find cheap flight tickets according to travel experts is to bundle up your travel package. When you book flights, hotels, and other experiences separately, it may cost you more. Hence, the best option is to go for travel packages that include the overall trip itinerary from your departure to arrival. In this way, you can avail off cheap flight tickets and also get discounts on hotels and other experiences at the destination.

Opt for Secondary Airports

When you book flights from major international airports, the flight fares are high. On the contrary, try to book flights from secondary or domestic airports to get flights at much cheaper rates. For example, flights from London Heathrow are expensive compared to flights from London Gatwick. So, choose secondary airports to fly cheap.

One-way Tickets are the Best

Most times we hear that round-trip ticketing is cheaper, but the opposite is true. A famous Skyscanner’s Aussie travel expert, Jarrod Kris, says “Flights don’t have to be booked as returns; booking separate one-way fares can end up saving you money.” So, instead of booking round trips opt for one-way fares to save money on your flight tickets.

Choose budget-friendly Airlines

There are so many airlines available in the world. However, we always end up choosing only the top ones because their Marketing is Good! If you’re a budget traveller, look beyond United, Emirates, Delta, and other top airlines. The demand for these airlines is already very high which eventually makes their fares equally expensive. So, the best way to travel with cheap flight tickets is to opt for budget-friendly airlines that have the same services and are equally safe options as any other major airlines. 

Utilise your Air Miles

Air Miles are your gateway to land cheap flight tickets. You can use air miles to either book cheap flights or you can opt for a better flying experience by upgrading your cabin class to business or first class cabins. Almost all airlines offer discounted flight tickets when you trade with your air miles. So, it’s time to spend your air miles and book yourself a budget-friendly travel deal on any airline or travel website.


Travelling is inclusive; you can enjoy luxury travel or budget-friendly travel. But, sometimes it is these small tricks that help you save money on unnecessary expenses as some expenses don’t offer luxury, they’re just unwanted and extra expenditure. The above hacks for cheap flight tickets are given by travel experts who have the wisdom of life-long travel experience and also expertise. You can apply the above tips and tricks to your travel plans and save almost 40%-60% on your flight tickets and other travel expenses. You can use these savings on flight tickets on memorable experiences at your destination that will last you a lifetime. So, choose your luxury wisely, because some expenses are unnecessary more than luxury.

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