Japan Airlines Flight Canceled After Captain Got Drunk
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Japan Airlines Flight Canceled After Captain Got Drunk

Japan Airlines canceled an international flight from Dallas to Tokyo that was scheduled to depart at 11.05 am, and Japan Airlines Flight Canceled After Captain Got Drunk.

The Japan Airlines pilot, a 49-year-old male, has flown in from Tokyo and reached Dallas on Monday morning. He stayed at the crew hotel and became intoxicated with other crew members at the restaurant around 6 pm on the same day. But the pilot continues to drink in his hotel room causing disturbance to other guests in the hotel. The hotel authorities warned him about the noise, so he stopped drinking. However, the hotel authorities called the police around 2 am as the pilot continued shouting and creating disturbance to the other guests at the hotel.

The Japan Airlines pilot did not violate the rule of not drinking alcohol within 12 hours of boarding, but in spite of that, the airline decided to bring in another pilot from the headquarters. Since there was a delay in arranging the pilot, the airline had to cancel the flight that was supposed to fly to Tokyo from Texas with 157 passengers.

Japan Airlines arranged for an American Airlines flight carrier for its 157 passengers and apologized for the inconvenience that caused to their passengers. As the drinking alcohol rule was not violated by the JAL pilot, the airline could have given him a chance. However, the Japan Airline authorities first considered the well-being of their passengers and took a decision to cancel the flight altogether. The airline mentioned the reason for flight cancellation to their passengers as a health disturbance of their crew members but the real reason was the inappropriate behavior of JAL’s pilot.

Japan Airlines said that they sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to their customers who were involved in flight cancellation. They said that they will take necessary measures to prevent such recurrences and work on restoring trust in their airline. Further, Japan Airlines did not allow the pilot to fly at the 1.05 am departure and deemed him unfit.

Japan Airlines is a popular airline-service provider in Japan. It has its headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The airline has its main hubs in Narita and Haneda airports in Tokyo. They fly across 35 countries serving 220 destinations worldwide, both domestic and international. They have a fleet of 279 aircrafts and they offer top-class amenities and services to their passengers.

The recent flight cancellation incident by Japan Airlines was for the well-being of the passengers as the behavior and mental stability of the drunk pilot may affect his flying skills and judgment during the flight duration scheduled from Texas to Tokyo. The airline apologized and promised their passengers that they will work hard to prevent recurrences like this incident.

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