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British Airways is the second-largest and pioneer airline of the United Kingdom. It flies from 16 U.K. airports and is a long-standing airline, recently celebrating its 100th birthday in 2019. Headquartered in London Heathrow Airport, the airline is one of the pioneer airlines of the world. Based on fleet size and passengers carrying capacity British airways is the second largest airlines in the U.K. It is best known for its exclusive in-flight and ground services along with its excellent amenities. World-class customized meals, superb quality beverages and wines, personal entertainment set and a high-quality skincare kit are some of the in-flight amenities provided by the airlines. It has a fleet size of 280 covering around 200 destinations across 75 countries. British Airways Reservations offer you a wide range of fleet service around the globe. For more information you can also Contact British Airways official sources.

British Airways cabin Class:

The cabin category of British Airways can be categorized into two parts:

Short-haul Flights Cabins:

Economy Cabin class: British Airways offers Economy Class Cabin Option to its customer travelling within Europe and the U.K. Airbus A320 series aircraft of British Airways handle most of the domestics and short-haul flights. Seats with 29" to 34" pitch makes it a comfortable cruising option in low budget. It is to remind you that food is not for free in this cabin class and you may have to rely on your own food or buy-on-board. This category is further classified into three categories:

Basic: Pre-Selected seat and carry-on luggage only. No changes and refunds are applicable.

Plus: It's also an extended economy class option for the passengers with Seat selection facility. You can choose your seat 48 hours before departure. The airlines also provide the facility of Checked and carry-on baggage.

Plus flex: you can select your seat at any time, checked and carry-on baggage, and free changes or cancellation at any time (up to 1 hour before departure and fare differences may apply).

Business Class cabin option: This is a premium-class cabin option of British Airways dedicated to European short-haul flights. If you have bought business class tickets, you can get access to the business lounge at most of the European airports. 2.2 base mounted seats made this cabin option a spacious place to fly comfortably. A noise-cancelling headset for in-flight entertainment along with quality Screen adds some more luxury in this class. Other amenities include any time seat selection, checked and carry-on baggage facility and free cancellations at any time, up to 1 hour before flight departure. Also known as Club Europe, this cabin class provides you priority boarding, priority check-in desks. Also allows you to carry more baggage compared to Euro Traveller.

Long-haul flights

British Airways offers 4 cabin class in a long-haul flight:

World Traveler (Economy): It is the economy class of long haul British Airways. This cabin class provides entertainment with complimentary food and drink, pillows and blanket. Seat selection opens 24 hours before departure. Changes are allowed free of cost.

World Traveler Plus: The world Traveler plus offers Luxury Economy Cabin on long haul flights. There are wider seats in this car compare to economy class, with extra legroom, a footrest and power sockets. An exclusive bar and upgraded meal course are some luxury features of this class. Other amenities include a standard carry-on allowance and seat selection option before 24 hours of departure.

Club World (Business): It is a business-class cabin in British Airways long Haul flights with convertible cabin seats. While flying in this class, passengers receive amenities like 2 Checked Bags along with standard carry on allowance. You can also have access to British Airways departure lounges. Priority Boarding and check-in desks. Besides this, club world passengers can also enjoy complimentary food, drinks, and other in-flight amenities.

First-class: Almost all long-haul flights are provided with this cabin option. Highly adjustable seats which can be converted into a 6 ft 6-inch bed. Complimentary food, drinks and beverages are some added facilities in this cabin option. You can also access lounges such as 'Galleries First' and 'Concorde Room'. Passengers can carry 3 checked bags, plus standard carry on allowance. Seat selection is available while booking tickets. Other amenities include priority Check-in desk and boarding, Complimentary Spa treatment at the departure lounge and dedicated customer service phone line.

For latest information and updates, we suggest you to call on British Airways Phone Number. So that you can not miss any information related to British Airways Booking.

Frequent Flyers Program

You Can earn Avios when flying with British Airways itself. The British Airway's Executive club also reward Avios when flying with its Oneworld alliance partners.

The more you fly, the more you earn, British airways Avios service can be redeemed for reward flights. This provides members with some additional benefits such as free seat selection, priority boarding, access to lounges and bonus points earnings.

Apart from flying, you can also earn Avios through shopping, Dinning, Chauffeur Services, hotel books and using certain credit cards.

British Airways Check-in Facility

The airlines Provide passengers with two types of check-in options:

Online Check-in: Online Check-in starts 24 hours before the departure. You can visit the airline's official website and Check-in with your PNR number. Once the Check-in is complete, you can save your boarding pass for further reference. The passengers can also check-in using their smartphone after downloading airlines APP.

Offline Check-in: Suppose you are not able to check-in online. You need not worry as you can always go to the British Airways Counter desk for offline check-in, and the airline's representative will assist you. We will advise you to choose this option in case you are an unaccompanied minor, or passenger-carrying weapons, or special assisted passenger.

British Airways Baggage Allowance:

Carry-on Baggage: Passengers are allowed to bring 1 handbag of dimensions not exceeding 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and maximum cabin weight of 23 kg. Passengers are also allowed to carry 1 item (handbag or laptop bag) not to exceed 40cm x 30cm x 15cm and maximum weight of 23kg.

Checked-in luggage allowance: The number of Checked-in luggage may vary depending on passenger's ticket, flight route, and cabin options. The dimensions must not exceed 90cm x 75cm x 43cm, and the weight limit is 23 kg.

We suggest you to go through the baggage allowance policy in detail to avoid last time inconvenience you done British Airways Reservations.

Easy Step to Book low-cost flight tickets of British Airways

So, if you are longing for a luxury cruising ahead or a comfortable budget flight in Economy class, British Airways Booking will help you to make your dreams live. For any query or detail, you can Contact British Airways official communication channels.