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Albuquerque is known to be the largest city in New Mexico and is right in the city's heart along the Rio Grande. The city's hot environment provides the visitors with many activities to do which are fun and exciting. You should visit Old Town if you are in this city as it is known to be the most historic part of the area and has a calm atmosphere and inviting vibe to the place. It has access to many attractions in the region. Many people visit and come to Albuquerque for its International Balloon Fiesta, which is worldly famous. It is held for nine days every October. The city was also utilized as a set for the Breaking Bad T.V series, and also places shown in the series are pretty flooded with tourists.

Top things to do in Albuquerque

Sandia Peak Tramway It is not as high in height as the Colorado Rockies. However, the Sandia Mountains are at 10,378 feet which is not so more minor. It provides a fantastic view which is incomparable to any else. The feeling to be on top of this would be out of the world. Albuquerque is a beautiful place that needs to be experienced in the best way possible.

Albuquerque's Old Town It was initially the site of Spanish settlement. The place was shaped and controlled by Spanish and Mexican cultures and also the Native Americans that lived in the area. It was built on a large plaza. It gives off a relaxing and calm vibe which can be expressed through the big Cottonwood trees, the cobblestone streets, and the adobe structures. If you like a place that is not too loud but invokes the right kind of calmness, then this is it.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Albuquerque's weather makes it one of the best places to be in. A lot of tourists come from far-off places to enjoy the 9-day fiesta. This takes place during October every year. The cold skies are then getting filled with hot air balloons. The sight is just so beautiful and makes you want to experience it.

Albuquerque Museum of Art and History This institution is marvelous as it allows tourists to delve into the past and history of Albuquerque. This place can be found at the edge of Old town. It has a fantastic collection which is there for over 400 years. Thus, the tourists and visitors gain an understanding of Albuquerque’s vast history.

Airlines Serving Albuquerque

Top Airports in and around Albuquerque

Albuquerque is known to be a wonderful place and worth seeing. It draws a lot of tourists throughout the year. So the option to choose your airports is high. For the same, we have mentioned a list of them below-

The Best Restaurants in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a place where the eateries are just brilliant and provide you excellent food. So, we have mentioned a list of restaurants you have to visit while you are in Albuquerque.

Best Time to visit Albuquerque

The ideal time to visit or go to Albuquerque should be from September to November. During this time, the weather is most likely to be pleasant and is perfect for roaming around.