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Panama is a linking country between Central and South America, where human engineering has been a significant attraction globally. You will witness skyscrapers, casinos, and many lively nightclubs. If you think that it is only for people who love to party, then you are mistaken as it also offers excellent colonial buildings and a natural metropolitan park. Read this pointers below to know what things to do in Panama and the best places to visit!

Best places to visit in Panama

El Valle de Anton- El Valle de Anton has been built as a picturesque little Panama village surrounded by ancient non-eruptive volcanoes, and the local families stay here. You can see the prime old Panama here as life is simple around here. Here the preferred mode of traveling is cycling.

Pearl Islands- Panama’s Pearl Islands are a group of islands featured quite often, in reality, TV shows. You can visit the beautiful forests and white sand beaches. However, Contadora Island has been developed as the most tourist-loving island out of all.

Volcan Baru- Volcan Baru has been the highest peak in Panama, where you can get the most impressive sights over Costa Rica and the Pacific ocean. In addition, you can find the mountains in the pacific west where you will be able to witness a beautiful sunset. There are two ways by which you can reach the top of the hill in time by hiking and camping.

Gulf of Chiriqui- The Gulf of Chiriquí expands along the Pacific Ocean coastline between Costa Rica and the Azuero peninsula. You can see the scenic marine routes and island, which has new forestry and coco palm. In addition, you can spend some time at two national parks here – Golfo de Chiriquí National Park and Coiba National Park, which is also the largest island in Panama.

Santa Catalina- You will find some quiet fishing time here at the Panama coast as it is one of Santa Catalina’s top tourist destinations. You can visit the village and experience the unspoiled culture here at Santa Catalina. In addition, you can find popular surfing spots with fantastic crystal clear beaches.

Things to do in Panama

Here is a list of things to do in Panama:

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

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Major Airports in and around Panama

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Best months to visit Panama

The best month to visit Panama is between January and April to witness tropical climate. In addition, you can consider traveling here to love the local events and functions, which are lively and discussed globally.