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Privacy Policy

We are Hydra Travels, a travel company that caters to the wanderlust sitting inside you. We are an authentic and loyal travel company, who puts our customer's choices on a pedestal. We curate spectacular travel itineraries for our travelers and provide them hassle-free travel services at the most affordable prices.

We are a customer-oriented travel company who always puts our travelers safety and security first. Hence, we have a very detailed and clear Privacy Policy that ensures ultimate protection and security of your personal data.

Our Privacy Policy provides details on how we collect, use, disclose, and protect your personal information when you make a booking or purchase on our website. We request you to read and understand our Privacy Policy pages thoroughly before using our website for travel bookings or purchases.

We urge you to only use our website when you're completely agreeing with our Privacy Policy. Even if you disagree with a part or whole of our Privacy Policy, please refrain from using our website for travel bookings or purchases as it may lead to misunderstandings and legal issues.

Information We Collect

The following are the personal information that we collect:

Information We Collect:

We collect your personal information to meet your booking requirements and travel purchases. The information we collect is-

Personal Information : Full Name, Age, Gender, Birthday.

Contact Information: Phone Number, Postal Address, Email ID, Correspondence Contact details like Phone Number or Email ID, Billing Address, Communication Preferences, Your Contacts only with authorized access.

Travel Information: Flying Details, Passport Number, Travel itinerary, Country of Citizenship, Preferred Airlines, Travel Data, Travel Preferences, Meal Preferences, Accommodation Preferences, Travel Itineraries, Seating Preferences.

Account Information: Login credentials, username, password, and account settings.

Social Media Information:Data from your social media account with authorized access, Content Data, like travel recommendations, place recommendations, photo or video content about travel, etc., Your review Data.

Finance Information: Credit or Debit Card Details, Bank Account Details

Information You Provide to Us

When you make a booking or purchase on our website, there are some part of your personal information that you may knowingly or unknowingly provide us. However, we have a very fair and transparent privacy policy that provides details of the information that you may provide us and they are:

We may also collect information about you when you download, access, and use our website or application depending on your device settings, permissions, and your preferences.

Automatically Collected Information:

Hydra Travels collects your personal data in several ways, one of the most common ways is through Analytics or Advertising.

The above personal information is the one that either you provide while booking or we collect through surveys or other channels. However, we also gather some automatically collected information about your device, browsing actions, and usage patterns while you visit our website. This information is- IP addresses, browser types, operating systems, and the pages you visit.

When you log in to our website via your mobile device or computer, there is some data that we collect through those devices or your browsers. We collect all this information to provide you with a personalized and customized user experience on our website, it will eventually help us gain your trust.

Our third-party service providers or partners also use your personal information through our website while we are collaborating your booking with them. You must understand that all this is to fulfill your travel booking or purchase.

We usually collect your browser and device information which includes your IP address, your user IDs, your device's user IDs, other user credentials while you log on to our website through your browser, your browser or device type, the device or browser version you're using our website on, other user agent string data, geolocation information.

We also collect the services usage data which includes the path you took to end up on our website, the path or pages you used on our website, your usage data while you were exiting our site, what are to the different web pages you visited on our website, the various links you clicked on our website, the videos or other content you viewed, your email open rates, your mouse movements, your scrolls, your clicks, your keystroke activity, your browsing activity, the amount of searches you made, your purchasing behavior, and your usage data of the chat function on our website.

We and our third-party service providers also collect some advertising measurement data to enhance the user experience of our website. However, you must know that all these personal data we collect are completely secured under our data security norms. We use high-end digital data security encryption technologies which are of international standards.

The advertising measurement data we collect are the ads you view, the ads you click on, the advertisements served to you on our website, cookie IDs or other digital or proprietary IDs, like iOS IDFA, Google AAID, the types of information described above, purchases or other conversions in relation to ads served on other properties, hashed emails or phone numbers.

How Do We Collect Analytics or Advertising Data?

The advertising and analytics data mentioned above are a great asset for us to enhance our travel services and make them more personalized. As mentioned above, we and our third-party service providers also collect this data to improvise the user experience on our website. Here are the different ways we collect Analytics or Advertising Data:

Cookies Policy

Our cookies policy is a part of our privacy policy. We use cookies on our website to enhance the customizations and personalization for an improvised user experience.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are minute text files that are stored in the user's computer or mobile phones when they access a particular website using their web server.

Cookies are the channels for a particular website to remember specific user's activities on the site and their preferences (such as log-in details, language, font size, and other functionality) over a period.

If a user accepts the usage of cookies on a website, they do not have to continuously reenter their credentials or preferences on the same website as the cookies will do the job for them. Hence, cookies make the user's experience on a particular website smooth and easy.

Since, cookies have the capacity to remember the user's preferences, it can be a great tool for data analysis and marketing. It is a great way to find potential clients for a particular service or products. Hence, cookies can be used for analytics and marketing for growing digitally.

What are the different types of cookies we use?

We are a customer-oriented travel firm and we keep our primary objective as customer satisfaction; to achieve that we use cookies.

Our website uses the first-party, third-party, session, and persistent cookies. 'First-party cookies' are the ones that are primarily set by us. 'Third-party cookies' are the ones that are set by our third-party channels or websites.

Session cookies are a type of temporary cookie that will be available on your computers or mobile devices until you exit your web browser.

Session cookies are extremely essential for our website to maintain its proper functioning and maintenance. It also enables our website visitors to navigate across various web pages on our website smoothly and experience every feature of our website with ease.

Persistent cookies are the ones that stay on our users’ computers or mobile devices for a longer period. It can stay for ages unless manually deleted by the users.

Persistent cookies enable recognition of existing users on our website. Hence, it remembers our visitor or user and helps them return. With ease without any signing in options.

However, persistent cookies recognize our users when they view a resource belonging to our website from another website or application. The most basic example of this feature isdisplaying ads. They help in recording information about user’s web browsing activities during the lifetime of the persistent cookie.

The followings are the types of cookies based on function which we use to enhance the user experience on our website,

Necessary cookies are the ones that are required to operate our website. The various examples of necessary cookies are, the cookies that help the user to log into secure areas of our website, the cookies that govern the shopping cart and billing services in a website.

Analytical cookies are also known as performance cookies. These cookies help us monitor our website visitors. They assist us in recognizing our visitors, listing our visitor count, and analyzing our visitors' activity on our website around various web pages. It helps us assess visitor activity on our website which can help us improve our website services.

Functionality cookies are the cookies that act as memory cookies. Suppose a user visits our website today and then he again visits our website after a year. In that case, the functionality cookies help in recognising our old user and customizing content and preferences according to our old user. It is a very important cookie to impress our customers and retain them.

Targeting cookies are the ones used to monitor user's visits on our website, their navigation history across various web pages on our website, and their other history like their follows or links. We use the information derived from the targeting cookies for marketing and remarketing purposes in the form of display ads. We may share the information from the targeting cookies with third parties for the same marketing purposes.

Advertising Cookies assists us in serving ads on third-party websites. They also help to serve our advertising partners’ ads on our website. These cookies can analyze the performance of various advertising campaigns, restrict the frequency of an ad (also known as “frequency capping”), and track the accuracy of displayed ads. These cookies further help in preventing ad fraud.

Social Media Cookies are set by various social media services that are added to our website. It enables our users to share or "like" our content with their friends and other social networks.

These cookies have the capacity to track users' browsers across different websites to access the users interests and preferences. If any user does not allow these social media cookies, they may not be able to access the social media functionalities.

How can you withdraw from the use of cookies?

As we mentioned earlier, we use cookies to enhance user experience. Many users may disagree or dislike our cookies policy due to various issues especially, with the fear of privacy. We must ensure you that every day we collect from our users in encrypted and secured. It is only shared with the most trusted sources.

However, we give a provision to our users to withdraw from the usage of cookies. Our website visitors can decline the usage of cookies as soon as they enter our website. In this way, they can withdraw from the use of cookies on our website at their own interest.

Ultimately, it is the decision of the user to allow the usage of cookies on our website. But we want to mention that you will experience an enhanced user experience with the cookie’s usage on our website.

How Do We Use Your Information?

As you have understood, we collect your personal information via different channels. However, we use them in different ways; they are:


We use your personal information to communicate with you regarding your travel purchase or booking. We also use the data to communicate about flight delays or any cancellations before the departure.

We use your personal information to communicate with different service providers or travel partners to fulfill your travel booking or purchase.

Providing Services

We use your information to provide you with travel services, like curating a travel itinerary, sending you the itinerary, and handling airport operations, like baggage, handling, chauffeur services, pickup and drop services, etc. With your banking information, we help process payments and refunds in case of cancellations as per the refund and cancellation policies.


We use your personal information to analyze your website usage, which will give us insights to improve our services. We also use your information to provide customized and personalized travel services that eventually improve the end-user experience on our website. We also use your information for surveys to help us understand your opinions or feelings about our services to find a scope for improvement.

Legal Compliances

We use your personal information to comply with legal obligations, laws, legal enforcements, tax and accounting requirements, and other legal proceedings as and when required.

The following are some other methods we use your data,

Choose How We Use or Disclose Your Personal Information

Yes, it's absolutely true that we collect a whole lot of personal information from your end, some of which you may be aware of but some others are so technical and hidden that you may not understand even after completely reading our Privacy Policy.

However, we willingly always work towards the benefits of our users. Hence, we provide you with choices regarding the personal information you give us or we collect from you. We have created mechanisms to give you the following control over your personal information:

Although you may opt out of promotional emails or sharing of your personal information with our third-party service providers, we do not control third parties’ collection or use of your information for interest-based advertising. However, these third parties may provide you with ways to choose not to have your information collected or used in this way. You can opt-out of receiving targeted ads from members of the Network Advertising Initiative ("NAI") on NAI’s website.

We might rely on third parties to help manage our marketing communications. In this process, they may collect personal information when you interact with their digital property, like IP addresses, digital identifiers, information about your web browsing and application usage and how you interact with their properties and ads for a variety of purposes, like personalization of offers or advertisements, analytics about how you engage with websites or ads and other commercial purposes. However, we ensure that all your information is secured on our website as they will be encrypted with the best technologies.

Sharing Your Information

We share your personal information with the following entities:

Service Providers

We will share your personal information with the end service providers, like hotels, airlines, car rentals, and other travel assistants, to meet your specific travel booking or requirement. However, you must know that by using our website, you provide complete authorization to share your information with the above service providers and suppliers.

Also, we do not authorize the service providers to use your personal information for any other purpose other than the specific requirement. However, if the end service providers use your personal information for different purposes, we will not be accountable for the same as it is not in our control. Hence, we urge you to review the privacy policies of the different service providers you choose on our website.

Legal Obligations

We also may share your information in case of legal obligations, like by law or enforcement authority for investigation, by court order, or in reference to any legal procedures. We also may share your personal information for regulatory and internal compliance. Even for audit purposes, to secure our systems, and to enforce our rights or properties, we may use your personal information.

Business Partners

We may also share your personal information with the companies of our business group, with our corporate affiliates, and with business partners. These business partners may offer you products or services that can be free or paid. These services or products are meant to enhance your travel experience. However, we will ensure complete protection and security of your personal information during the process.

How Personal Information May Be Disclosed

As you have known till now, we gather a lot of personal information from your end for various reasons. In this section, we will highlight the different entities we disclose your personal information with apart from the most obvious mentioned in the above section. However, with the exception of our corporate affiliates and service providers mentioned above, we don't control these entities and the disclosure of your personal information to these entities are subject to their privacy policy and security practices. Hence, we urge you to go through the privacy policies and terms of the entities whose products or services you purchase. Also, you hold full responsibility for any purchases made with these entities you interacted with through our website, we will not be liable for the same. Here are the different third-parties we disclose your personal information to:

Your Rights

According to legal and regulatory compliances, you have certain rights regarding your personal information. They are:

Access and Correction

You will have secured access to your personal information on our website at any time. You also have the right to correct or edit your personal information on our website. The complete process will be secured and confidential to the best of our knowledge.

Marketing Communications

As we have mentioned before, we will collect your personal information, which includes your phone number, email id, social media handles, and your postal address. We will use the above information, especially phone numbers, email IDs, and social media handles, for marketing communications

However, you have the right to disable marketing communications from our end by clicking on the unsubscribe option, or you can drop a request on our customer support for the same.

On the contrary, you must understand that these marketing communications we make are for providing you with our best products and services. By continuing to use our marketing communications, you can get complete knowledge about our travel company, sales information, low price deals, new travel products, frequent flier programs, and many more. Apart from the endangerment of your privacy, you will have huge benefits in all aspects through our marketing communications.

Also, you must know that we are responsible for the privacy of your data on our website as we have high-end encryption technologies for the same and we usually share your personal information with our known sources who are also bound by our terms and privacy policy.

Retention of Your Information

We collect a lot of personal information from you during a booking or via other channels as mentioned above. However, we will only retain your personal information for a specific period of time as per the governance of applicable laws, or as long as a specific information is necessary to fulfill the purposes of this policy. We may anonymize or deidentify your personal information before using for analytics or trend analysis after the standard retention period is over. We use standard industry methods to delete your personal information from our records so that no one can have access or can retrieve your information on our website.

On the contrary, we may keep backup of your personal information as residual copies in our systems to protect our systems from malicious loss. However, you cannot access this data unless restored, and even after restoration of the data, all unwanted information will be permanently deleted.

We calculate the retention period of your personal information through following factors:

Foreign Policy

Since we are a travel website, to meet you travel bookings and requirements, we may process, or access, or transfer your personal information to other countries during your international travels. In such cases, the data protection laws in other countries may differ from the ones in your country.

However, at all costs even with international transfers of your data, we do our best to protect your personal information at all costs. We take necessary steps and measures to safeguard your data and keep it protected in accordance with the Privacy Policy on our website and in compliance with the applicable data protection laws.

We ensure total protection of your personal information even after international data transfers. However, while making an international booking with us, you consent to the migration of your personal data across different countries keeping under your knowledge that the data protection laws and policies vary across different countries and you abide by the same.

International Data Transfers

According to the above Foreign Policy, you may have understood that to fulfill your international travel bookings, we may have to transfer your personal information internationally. You also must understand that those countries may have data protection laws that are different from the laws of your country.

Hydra Travels is a travel company that also has international roots. We have several third-party service providers who belong to different countries. When we collect your personal information, we may process it in any of those countries. Our employees may access your personal information from various countries around the world. The transferees of your personal data may also be located in countries other than the country in which you reside.

We have taken appropriate steps and put security in place to help ensure that any access, processing, or transfer of your personal information remains protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy and in compliance with applicable data protection law. These measures ensure that your personal information is under a standard of protection which is comparable to the equivalent local law in your country, no matter where your data is accessed from, processed, or transferred to.

We use the following measure while we are making international data transfers:


We protect and safeguard the privacy of our customers's personal information by providing full-fledged security. All payments made on our website are secured.

Our website uses high-end industry-standard encryption technologies to protect your personal information. All your personal information and payment details are transmitted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. It is a coding system that ensures the encryption of your personal information through your browser before it reaches us.

Hydra Travels has very stringent security measures and laws to protect against the misuse, alteration, or loss of your personal information.

We also offer the use of a secure server whenever you wish to change or access your personal information on our website. We also have strict laws in place to keep your personal information safe and away from any unauthorized access.

Third-Party Links

Our website may contain third-party links or websites. Though we acknowledge their presence on our website, we are not liable or responsible for their website or its contents. We are also not responsible for their privacy practice.

This Privacy Policy page only concerns Hydra Travels, and it doesn't include any other third-party websites present on our site. Before you make any purchases or bookings from the third-party websites on our site, we urge you to read their privacy policy thoroughly.

However, if you face any adverse consequences due to the usage of the third-party websites from our site, we will not be held responsible or liable for any losses or damages that may incur to you or your data. Hence, when you're navigating to the third-party links on our website, you're doing it at your own risk and you hold sole responsibility for the same.

Children's Privacy

Our services are not applicable to children below 13 years. We also do not collect personal information from children under the age of 13 years. If any such situations occur, we urge you to notify us, and we will do the needful.

However, some airlines in our portfolio may allow services to unaccompanied minors. But, there are strict terms and conditions in force for such instances. We ensure to have a full-fledged consent from the guardians or parents of unaccompanied minors.

We also ensure that our service providers take extra care of unaccompanied minors during the flight for a safe and secured landing at their destination. We ensure to take all necessary information from the guardians of unaccompanied minors related to their medical history, current health status, destination address, purpose of visit, reason for traveling alone, and many more to provide the best service.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We have the sole proprietorship of our website, and we hold absolute rights to make amends, alterations, or deletions to a part or whole website.

We make changes to our Privacy Policy from time to time to suit different legal, business, operational, or regulatory purposes. We duly notify you about any changes on our Privacy Policy page as and when required.

However, we do not have any obligation to notify you every time we make changes or modify our Privacy Policy page. We request you to go through our privacy and terms as and when you use our website for travel bookings or purchases. It is your sole responsibility to recheck our Privacy Policy and Terms to avoid any problems in the future. If you continue to use our website, we will assume that you agree to our Privacy Policy thoroughly. If you do not accept any part or whole of our Privacy Policy, we urge you to refrain from using our services to avoid any legal obligations in the future.