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Privacy Policy

Welcome to HydraTravels. Here, the usage of ‘we,’ ‘us,’ and ‘our’ signifies HydraTravels and its website, which has been brought into existence for the sole purpose of assisting customers in availing relevant details about flights and also to book flight tickets at better deals. Any user visiting the website or accessing its content or booking flights or availing the services of HydraTravels suggests us that he/she has read the complete policies and terms & conditions associated with us. In case of any disagreement, it is recommended to stop accessing the website. The terms & conditions or the policies given below are subject to change; it is the sole responsibility of the user to stay updated about the same.

General Disclaimer:

By visiting the website, you are acknowledging the fact that the prices given here are a result of negotiation with the third-party suppliers, and the final price is also inclusive of taxes and service charges. Despite being associated with third-party travel service suppliers, we are in no way linked with their policies; and we refrain from any such association.

HydraTravels is nowhere responsible for the fluctuation in the prices or changes in the schedule. We cannot be held liable for cancellation, overbooking, strike, government guidelines, nature occurrences, and so on and so forth.

We don’t endorse or validate the advertisement or any product and services advertised on our website

We, Hydratravels, are known for providing the best travel facilities through our website by offering unique offers on flight tickets. Our dealing with our clients and consumers does not only stop here as we still pledge to take care of the post-sales services about the booking, termination, or refunds. We believe that our cancellation policies are straightforward and consistent so that we can resolve any upcoming divisions and disagreements.

You are requested to go through the policies to be aware of our cancellation and compensation policies terms and conditions. You are obligated to agree with our terms to cancel and refund your reservation.

Privacy Policy

Working on the framework and business plan of a corporation is vital before making use of the products and services. Hydra Travel believes that clear and well-structured business strategy of an organization offers an idea of a subtle client-service management that would mitigate any unavoidable and uncertain discrepancy. Your business terms with us are of the most valued interest that allows you to use Hydra Travel website according to usage guidelines. Our sincere attempt is to aware customers about how to share your information safely with us, in compliance with our guidelines and privacy policy. These standard guidelines also help you to understand your duties as a sincere member of our website. Hydra Travel recommends you to read the website carefully and understand the privacy policy before using it as a source. If you do not agree with any of the issues or provisions mentioned below, you are required to stop using our website. Otherwise, the use of our website would be seen as subscribing to our privacy policy.

How Do We Share And Collect Personal Data?

We at Hydra Travel promise to protect our customers' information in compliance with our Privacy Policy. We follow standard procedure and adhere to the standards guideline of the concern authorities to restrictions on access to your data and to keep it private. Hydra Travel only deployed eligible experts to access and process your data to enhance users experience. Any form of violation of your data by experts invites stern action under the law. We collect personal details when you visit this website and provide information such as name, sex, contact details and birth date etc. we also save your details when you register as a user on our website.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

We use your contact information to update you about promotional offers and discounts provide by the website. We use your data as feedback to develop new functionality for our products and services.

Alteration In Privacy Policy:

In the required circumstances, we make changes in the Privacy Policy as per market demand. Hydra Travel would like to inform you that such a shift or transition may occur without any prior notice.

Security Measures We Follow To Secure Information:

Information that we receive from our clients is stored on restricted-access servers under multiple virtual password system. At Hydra Travel, we respect the rules and guidelines for storing and safeguarding your personal information on those servers.

A Shift In Price Depends On Demand And Supply:

The fluctuations in the cost of our product and services are mainly market-driven. In some special circumstances, you may be expected to pay more or less than the sum specified on the website.

How We Manage Intellectual Property:

There are a variety of intellectual properties on our website that include logos, quality pictures, icons etc. Hydra Travel recommends you that use of such assets for personal or commercial purposes are prohibited and taken as the breach of intellectual property right and incur liability and compensation against our ill-reputation.

Cancellation Policy

We would recommend that you also read our cancellation policy for the same reasons if you have booked our flight ticket from us. You can get a free cancellation if you cancel within 24 hours of booking. And you won't get refunds if you have canceled after 24 hours of booking. It is better for you to use the Zero Cancelation alternative when paying for your reservation to deter specific scenarios, which allows you to cancel your ticket without paying any extra charge at the time of cancellation.

Refund Policy:

Since refunds are subject to the airlines' policy, we cannot guarantee a refund after each cancellation. The repayment of a ticket is only subject to the ticket regulations imposed by airlines. If any, the sum reimbursed will be determined by airlines in compliance with their directives. You can notify the airlines directly in the event of any disagreement and inconsistencies.

Points to remember

Cancellation and Exchange

You have agreed upon the fact that all sorts of cancellation needs to be done before 24 hours of the scheduled time of flight departure. While most of the airline reservations and bookings that are made from our website are non-refundable, you can check for individual refund of the airline, if required. Your tickets will be exchanged, cancelled, or refunded considering the original purchase price and also after deducting the cancellation/modification/ refund/ exchange charges or fees levied upon the ticket by the airline as penalty. We have no rights upon the penalties charged by the airline; however, HydraTravels do have the rights to charge the modification/change/refund fees.

If you are travelling to international destinations, you might need to board multiple airlines; and each airline has its own specific set of fare rule. In cases, when there are more than one set of rule that has been applied on the total fare, then the most restrictive fare rule will be automatically applied.

Important Notice:

All travelers are recommended to check and keep all the important documents, be it entry visa, trasit visa, or other documents before entering or transiting to the country. We cannot be held responsible if you have been denied entry due to the lack of documents.

If your travel arrangements have changed; you will cancel your booking. Based on the cancellation and reimbursement rules attached to the tickets, the refund will be processed if you have booked your ticket on a refundable fare. Just non-airline charges are refunded if you have bought a non-refundable ticket. Please notice that the rules for cancellations and refunds vary for various categories of fare.

Both refunds are made in the same payment form used for the reservation. In the event of a reservation made by a travel agent, a fee will be paid to the travel agency account until the reservation has been canceled. To demand their refund, travelers would have to call the organization concerned.

Hydratravels retains the right, without warning, to change or rectify policies. We recognize why it has to be, and we do not accept or promote a shift in purchasing or reservation details. In such cases, Hydratravels cannot be held liable for the same.