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Atlantic City is known as the best seaside resort in New Jersey, and is home sandy beaches, charming locations, and some great places to take part in fun activities. It is also commonly referred to as “ Las Vegas of the East” because of the number of revue theatres present here for boxing matches, beauty pageants, and other live events. In addition, many restaurants and entertainment spots can be found along the Boardwalk, which is five and a half-mile long. It used to be a quiet fishing village. However, it has flourished into a leading resort and a famous place where people enjoy water recreational activities like surfing, swimming, and sailing. This place needs to be on everybody’s travel bucket list and is a must-visit place.

Top things to do in Atlantic City

The Boardwalk: It is the most well-known and famous destination in Atlantic City. It offers a lot of options to get immersed in some enthralling activities. This place is just worth visiting for all the right reasons. The stretch of wood was constructed in 1870 and also survived the 2012 Hurricane named Sandy. It is best to spend some time here while going on a walk by the beach and enjoy cold breeze kissing your forehead. The address of this place is 3109 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Steel Pier: The Steel Pier is the retort to Coney Island in New York. This was initially constructed in 1898 and is also one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area. It is 1,000 feet deep into the sea and also has been recently transformed in 1993. You can try out many rides which are there catering for all age groups. The views are also spectacular from there. The address of this place is 1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Absecon Lighthouse: This place can be found at the north end of Atlantic City. It is a 228 step Absecon Lighthouse and still has the First-Order Fresnel lens installed. This lighthouse was constructed in 1857t and is known as the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey. Built with granite, blocks, brick, and iron. It is a worth visiting tourist attraction.Address of this place is 31 South Rhode Island Ave, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Ocean City: This destination, Ocean City, is 11 miles south of Atlantic City. This place is widely popular for people traveling with family and kids. It is a family-friendly city. It provides the best beaches in the area and is a fun destination for kids. This place has been alcohol-free since its construction that is 1879. This place also offers a brilliant Boardwalk that stretches for two and a half miles which has a great combination of shops and dining. The address of this place is 1735 Simpson Ave, Ocean City, Maryland

Airlines serving Atlantic City :

Spirit Airline is a primary carrier that provides flights to and from Atlantic City.

Top Airports in and around Atlantic City

There is only one airport around Atlantic City.

The best restaurants in Atlantic City

The eateries in this city are just brilliant. The cuisine needs to be tried out once in a lifetime. They have a wide variety of shops. Herewith is the below-mentioned list for the best restaurants in the Atlantic City -

Best time to Visit Atlantic City

The ideal time to visit Atlantic City is from March to May or also June to August. Naturally, the weather is on the pleasant side, and a breeze blows throughout the town.