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Bilbao is an amazing city located in Spain's Basque Country. It is popular for its amazing blend of tradition and innovation. You can explore the avant-garde architecture, world-class museums, and several culinary delights in Bilbao. The city is filled with incredible attractions that will make all the tourists fall in love with the city. The natural landscapes here are spectacular and offer several adventure opportunities. The city is a perfect blend of being an industrial town and natural beauty at the same time.

About the Bilbao Airport

Bilbao Airport is the major airport in the city that is located around 9 kilometers away from the city. At this airport you can find several domestic and international flights flying in and out to destinations across Europe and other countries. The major airlines operating at this airport are Iberia, Vueling, Air Europa, Lufthansa, and British Airways.

Places to Visit in Bilbao:

Things to do in Bilbao:

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How far is the airport from Bilbao city center?

Bilbao Airport is approximately 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from Bilbao city center.

What is the best time to visit Bilbao?

The best time to visit Bilbao is during the spring and fall months (April to June and September to November)

What are the top airlines flying to and from Bilbao?

  • Iberia
  • Vueling Airlines
  • Air Europa

How to commute from Bilbao Airport?

You can commute from Bilbao Airport via bus or taxi depending on the availability.