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Chicago is a perfect spot to visit every day of the year for a weekend of entertainment, cuisine and history, with its beautiful architecture, 40 world-class museums, 200 theatres, more than 200 independent art galleries and more than 7000 restaurants offering award-winning cuisine.

Why book tickets to Chicago?

Chicago embodies genuine central-western hospitality. It's also an admirable city that creates entertaining and motivating encounters continuously. It is home to the five award-winning Tony theatre; sports championships; the most extensive art collection among the significant museums of the world, and the most comprehensive collection of art outside the Louvre.

The genuine deep pizza alone is a perfect reason to visit Chicago, but there is a lot of other great food. Besides various fantastic food stalls, the local specialities include dripping sandwiches of tasty Italian beef, Chicago-style, and popcorn with a blend of sugar, caramel and cheese.

The skyscrapers shape much of the history of Chicago as the town that made them. Besides some of the world's highest innovative buildings, art-deco masterpieces from the 1920s can be enjoyed in the skyline of Chicago, featuring over 100 skyscrapers. The architectural reputation of the city can only increase with new construction.

Located near one of the world's most incredible lakes, Chicago tends to give the feeling of having a coastline, and in many ways it does. The Lakeside parks, the trails and sandy beaches throughout the summer are packed with activity, with picnics and volleyball games for all ages and boats floating in the blue water.

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States, and it feels like home, and in Chicago, it feels like you're blending in, whoever you are or whatever you are doing. So, get to Windy City, where art, music and heritage collide to bring one of North America's most unique and stunning city attractions. For a journey, you will never forget, visit Chicago.

What are the best places to visit in Chicago?

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US and a spot where you would undoubtedly come in with love for fashion, architecture, sport and cuisine. With its exquisite desserts, incredible architecture and breath-taking landscape, Windy City takes you off.

On the shores of Michigan Bay, the most popular park in Chicago is the Lincoln Park green field. 6 km south of the park. In this famous park are housed the beautiful Conservatory of Lincoln Park and Zoo of Lincoln Park, one of the country's oldest zoos. Here you can also find the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and the Chicago History Museum. For those who want to enjoy open areas, there are playing fields, motorcycle lanes, jogging tracks and beaches.

Hundreds of thousands of works of art belong to the Chicago Art Institute, a world-famous museum. The vast collection spans thousands of years, including painting, graphics, photographs, sculpture, decorative art, textbooks, architectural drawings etc. The collections include artefacts from various cultures that are all worth visiting.

In the middle of Chicago, in the Michigan Avenue, Millenium Park is situated westwards, the Columbus Ride, Randolph Lane, northwards and Monroe Lane, southward. The crucial aspect is the 110-ton Cloud Gate, which features a curved, liquid mercury-inspired stainless-steel finish structure. The arch reflects the buildings, the sky and the tourists that move through the gate.

Some of the significant tourist attractions are:

What is the best time to visit Chicago?

In April-May and September-October, Chicago is better visited with warm temperatures, festival activities and fewer crowds. The summer is a prime season in Chicago for visitors and their celebrations, where tourists from around the world visit the excellent weather and many festivities. Chicago has brutal winters from November to March, but if you can tackle it, you can find cheap hotel and flight deals.

What are the best airlines flying from/to Chicago?

Since Chicago is one of the few most popular tourist destinations in the world, the city is served by the leading airlines in the country. So, finding inexpensive flights to Chicago wouldn't be challenging. To help you find the right airline, we listed the best airlines to travel to and from Chicago. They are as follows:

What are the major airports in Chicago?

Chicago is undeniably a traveller's favourite spot. However, the main factor behind the increasing numbers of passengers is the very well-equipped airports, which are a wide entrance into the region. Chicago has many domestic and international airports, and all of them are as friendly and convenient as possible. You would presumably land on these airports if you are visiting Chicago:

How to reach Chicago?

Airways are the fastest and easiest way to reach Chicago. For Chicago flights, you can book a wide variety of cheaper airlines. After reaching Chicago, you can opt for different modes of public transports like buses or taxis that the city offers, to reach your destination safely and on time.

Why book with us?

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