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The "Biggest Small Town in America" should be on your list of potential holiday spots with its booming music industry, a growing centre of artists and artisans and the pleasant atmosphere of a smaller town. The key attractions in town-architecture, museums, parks, shops and restaurants-have been grouped below so that you can schedule your visit and see what makes Columbus so loved by everyone. So, Book Cheap Flights to Columbus now.

Why Book Tickets to Columbus?

Columbus is more than a university town, Ohio. Its zoo, historic districts and markets, museums, parks and nature trails are just some of the reasons why a tourist can stay here for a while. The historical German Settlement, which occupies an area of 233 acres, sits just south of downtown Columbus. It's an excellent place for shopping, eating and wandering about, enjoying the stunning brick buildings and paved streets. Bookshops, art galleries, German cafes, many fudges, and other treats, lots of decent coffee can be anticipated.

Without going to the zoo, a trip to Columbus wouldn't be just as fun. The Columbus Zoo, with around 10,000 animals in its numerous exhibits, is one of the best in the world. The polar bears and arctic foxes exhibition, as well as an African show with lions and cheetahs, are especially interesting.

There is also a reasonable proportion of Columbus gardens. A magical escape from the city's skyline is the Inniswood Metro Gardens. The 123-acre park consists of over 2000 plant species and many themed areas, a mixture of grown gardens and peaceful woods. Apart from picturesque views and springs, several trails pass through the forests and the Run Stream in Season.

One of the key reasons to visit Columbus is the stunning, well-planned outdoor areas of the region. Green spaces span the metropolis, providing a breakneck diversion from the urban pulse.

What to Visit In Columbus?

The Franklin Park Conservatory and the Botanical Gardens deliver a paradise of flora and fauna. In towering glass greenhouses, the Conservatory contains a hundred varieties of plants from around the world. Walkthrough the rainforest, the wilderness, the orchids, and the grand Palm House to see a party on the weekend. There are occasional exhibits, such as Blooms & Butterflies in the spring and tourist activities, such as glassblowing and planting.

A walk through the middle of Columbus North Market is an excellent way to delve into the local culture. I n this market dozens of local vendors offer a variety of small eateries offering Italian, Indian, Vietnamese, Pizza, German, sushi, BBQ, and Nepalese cuisine, from baked bread and fresh flowers on two floors.

Explore the artistic side at the Columbus Art Gallery, where the best of sculptures, portraits, glass and sculpture are exhibited in exhibits and galleries. The Columbus Museum of Art is a fun way to view it in one of their daily programmes or activities that use the galleries as a venue.

Some Major Tourist Attractions Are:

What Is The Best Time To Visit Columbus?

Columbus's best months are from late Spring to April and early Spring to September to October, as the visitors swarm through the region during the summer holidays. Late spring is cold, but rainy with temperatures of 43°F (6.1°C) to 73°F (22.8°C) at a moderate to warm temperature.

What Are The Major Airports In Columbus?

As Columbus is the capital of Ohio, it hosts tourists from all over the world, which the reason behind the city having exceptionally well maintained and technologically equipped airports. It has both domestic and international airports, if you're visiting Columbus, you're most likely to land on these airports:

Which Airlines Fly To/From Columbus?

Being one of the most popular cities and the capital of Ohio, Columbus receives a lot of traffic from everywhere. Various airlines offer affordable flights to Columbus, some of them are as mentioned below:

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