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Stellar scenery, exceptional ecosystems, iceberg-choked fjords and vivid tundra are some of the unique characteristics that differentiate Greenland from any other destination. Greenland has undoubtedly become a much more popular destination to visit.

Why book tickets to Greenland?

Greenland has been called Erik the Red, and there is an ancient truism that Iceland is green and Greenland is ice, although that's only half the story. While Greenland's winters are long and dim, it is also a midnight sun nation. Greenland has incredible experiences to offer every traveller from hiking and thermal springs to the northern lights.

The northern lights are a dazzling natural light show in the Arctic Circle that are sometimes called Aurora Borealis. Although the lights happen during the year, you can see that the view is blocked by the midnight sun throughout the summer. The peak time is about midnight from September to April to see northern lights, and this astronomical treat is completely free.

You will not find many places where you can go on a nature ride by sledge. This north island provides the opportunity to discover Minsk whales, seals, marine eagles and reindeers in the Arctic. You can even see a polar bear or Arctic wolf if you're lucky.

Although there are several thermal springs, the island of Uunartoq is the most common. In season, the temperature is 38 degrees stable all year long. Contrary to common opinion, the springs are fed by geothermal subsoil rather than volcanic activity. Legend has it that before going on his quest to look for new lands, Leif Ericsson was bathed in these pools. Check out the wild and untouched Greenland scenery or plan your day trip lunch.

What to visit in Greenland?

The IlulissatIcefjord is a UNESCO World Patrimony and one of the wonders of the world. Ilulissat and SermeqKujalleq Glacier are one of the most giant and most active glaciers in the world, situated in western Greenland.

Greenland has the biggest glaciers outside Antarctica, but driving around the glacier is not the only way to go exploring. The versatile nature provides long-distance hiking trails as well as relaxed day walking. A network of walking routes connects cities and villages in South Greenland and connects you to the history of the Viking. Travel to East Greenland for more stunning scenery. You can walk up the mountains above Tasillaq or across the Flowers Valley. As the river reaches the valley, arctic flowers are superior to the area.

Although cruises are famous for visiting the glacial island and seeing the beautiful coastal scenery, a ferry on the coast provides much of the same views and the opportunity to meet local people. It takes four nights to the north and three nights to the south to the entire path to the SarfaqIttuk. You may also delay the trip to explore the cities.

Some major tourist attractions are:

What is the best time to visit Greenland?

The best time to visit Greenland is a smooth and luminous summer owing to the more relaxed conditions. From June to August, it is suitable for flightseeing, midnight sunlight, hot springs or giant whales. Greenland's winters are icy and If your budget is smaller and want to avoid the crowds, travel to Greenland in spring and autumn to view the Northern Lights and learn ice diving during the shoulder seasons.

What are the major airports in Greenland?

Greenland has five major airports, and the main airport is Kangerlussuaq Airport. It is the international centre to visit Greenland, as it is the only airport that has a long enough runway for jumbo jets. Greenland has five major airports which are as follows-

Which airlines fly to/from Greenland?

Most areas of Greenland do not have proper roads, so there are several ways to commute from one place to another either by boat, aeroplane, sledge or snowmobile. But, for tourists, many top airlines do offer its flights to Greenland which are as follows:

Flights to Greenland

Flights from Greenland