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Miami is a hotbed of culture, which celebrates its uniqueness through cuisine, art and fun. The mixture of languages will attract interest, but the look of luxury attracts attention. In addition to its diverse cultures, there are top quality hotels, lodging and spas that cater to those who enjoy the delicacies of life.

Why book tickets to Miami?

American passengers can save their money on domestic flights since there is no visa to enjoy this slice of paradise. Miami is one of America's only locations with a burst of all-year sunshine and subtropical climate. Almost often in the hurricane season, rains are accompanied by the sun.

Travellers who need some shopping therapy should shop in Miami till they are stress-free. Shoppers in all calibres and budgets will find the Mecca Shopping Centre the best place. Miami travellers can choose whether to splurge or save from outdoor malls covering high fashion designers to wallet accessible outlets. Travellers would flourish in Miami to enjoy their holidays in motion. The town has over 800 parks, unprecedented golf courses and a wide variety of water sports. You can linger along the Beaches in Miami if you want to spend your time exploring paddle boarding, surfing and parasailing.

Miami is a city that never has to sleep, especially since it's too busy partying. The Miami nightlife scene is renowned and with a cause. At the same time, it is also a venue with award-winning bars, international art and sports (not to mention Miami Heat and David Beckham's International Fútbol Miami Club). Many celebrities visit the Miami nightclubs to let loose.

All of this, along with beautiful beaches, exquisite wildlife, culture, endless facilities and entertainment, and convenient access to nature combine to make up the reasons to visit Miami.

What to visit in Miami?

The blue backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean is framed by neon pink and geld Art Deco houses. The scent of freshly baked croquetas wafts through the air at Calle Ocho. Step by any bar or nightclub and Latin music plays on the streets turning into a disco dance floor even an abandoned parking lot.

The magnificent strip of sand known as South Beach is situated at the southern end of Miami Beach. This broad beach section faces the ocean in the same name location. It is often crowded in the summer, as its Miami's most famous beach and one of Florida's main beaches.

It's a place to see, but also a place to dive and experience the shallow waters, to get away from the heat and to drink in the sun. The beach is filled with an asphalt stroll, with the Ocean Drive behind where car drivers cruise along the coast.

Bayside Marketplace is a massive outdoor mall with over 150 stores, various cafés and restaurants, plus regular live entertainment. Tourists can notice some well-known chain stores and several unique locations of a sort. Locals and visitors are drawn to the marketplace. As the name suggests, the mall is located on the coast of Miami, overlooking docks and boats.

Major tourist attractions are:

When to visit Miami?

Miami Beach is best visited from March to May when the sun shines in the high 70s and low 80s of the day. The sub-tropical climate of this region of Florida is typically mild during the year and very rainy. Pack an umbrella while visiting during summer or autumn as rains may be expected.

Which airlines fly to/from Miami?

Several major domestic and international airlines are operating flights to connect the city to the rest of the world. We have mentioned below the names of these airlines:

Major airports in Miami

Miami has many airports that connect the city with the rest of the world. Not only are these airports technologically equipped, but they also provide world-class facilities and host a variety of domestic and international airlines. Below mentioned are the airports in Miami:

Flights to Miami

Flights from Miami