Guadalajara is Mexico's second-largest city, located in the state of Jalisco, and noted for its blend of mythology and modernity. The region is known as Mexico's "Silicon Valley," but it also has some of the country's oldest customs, such as the folkloric dance charreria and glamorous colonial architecture. Guadalajara, is the birthplace of tequila and mariachi music, and is much less expensive than Mexico City. Anything you identify with Mexico is represented in this region, namely mariachi bands, sombreros, and tequila. With big boulevards, grassy plazas, Spanish architecture, and bustling sidewalks, the city radiates a unique European aura. It's also simple to get around, thanks to the city's four beautiful squares, which are conveniently linked and shaped in the shape of a cross, with the city's main tourist attractions clustered around them. The Tapatios, as the people of Guadalajara are called, celebrate JarabeTapatio, a traditional folk dance, which is on the biggest draws of Guadalajara. When people think about Mexican folk customs, they always picture all three elements together, and Guadalajara is at the center of it all. So don't waste time and start planning your next trip to Guadalajara and experience the beautiful charm of this city!