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Home to the smallest country in the world- Vatican City, Rome is known for its stunning architecture. It is the capital city and a particular commune of Italy and the capital of the Lazio region. It used to be the center of the Roman Empire that ruled the European Continent for several ages.

Places To Visit In Rome

Vatican City : The smallest independent country globally, Vatican City, is known for its architectural marvels. Packed with historic and religious buildings, the tiny nation has a charm of its own. It was founded in 326 A.D. It is the very first palace that came into existence during the rule of Pope Symmachus in the fifth century. Acting like a magnet to history fanatics and pilgrims, the country brims with countless unique attractions, namely the Vatican Gardens, Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and the Basilica of St. Peter. Tourism has been the primary source of revenue for Vatican City; the Vatican Museums brings in more than 4 million visitors alone every year.

The Pantheon : The Pantheon is the best-preserved monument of Roman Antiquity. It is remarkably intact even after approximately 2000 years. Although the first Christian emperors forbade using this pagan temple for worship, in 609, Pope Boniface IV dedicated it to the Virgin and all the other Christian martyrs. Since then, it is the burial place of Italian kings.

Roman Forum : Roman Forum, Latin Forum Romanum, a most important forum in ancient Rome, is situated on low ground between the Palatine and Capitoline hills. The Forum used to be the heart of ancient Rome. It was where public gatherings, trials, and elections used to be held. During the Roman Empire, it became the site of the grandest monuments and temples.

Trevi Fountain : The Trevi Fountain is the most popular attraction of the city. This 17th-century masterpiece has been immortalized in movies and has become a must-visit site. Almost like a wishing well, throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain is a tradition supposed to guarantee your return to Rome. It depicts the sea god Oceanus with horses, tritons, and shells. The water goes around the figures and the artificial rocks and gathers in a large basin filled to the brim with coins.

Palatine Hill : Set 50 meters above the Tiber, the Palatine Hill shows evidence of Rome's earliest settlement: rock-carvings found in front of the Temple of Cybele show human activity as earlier as the ninth century B.C. Later, this was the site taken by the emperors and great aristocratic families for their palaces.

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Best time to visit Rome

The perfect time to visit Rome is between April and June or September through October. However, nearly the entire city takes off for vacation during August, so plan a trip accordingly. Note that traveling too late or early in the year can be risky as most tourist attractions are closed or open for limited hours.