10 Simple Steps to Plan Your Dream Trip
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10 Simple Steps to Plan Your Dream Trip

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to plan your dream trip:

Choose your Dream Destination

When travel is concerned most people have a huge list of their dream destinations. So, before planning for your dream trip, you must decide on which destination you want to strike out from your bucket list this time. Now selecting a dream destination is not a cakewalk because there are many considerations that you have to make. Suppose you’re planning a trip during the Summer Season, it is ideal to go to summer-friendly places, like London, and other parts of the UK. So, go ahead and choose your dream destination from your long bucket list and get going.

Research Well about the Destination

Researching is a very useful and handy tool that you must make use of, especially when you’re travelling to foreign land. You must research everything about your dream destination and how to go about your trip. The different ways to reach your destination, varieties of places to stay, eat, visit, explore, and shop. You must also research about off-beat things related to your destination and if you like anything you can include them in your itinerary for the best trip ever. Remember the beauty of your final itinerary will depend on the extent of your research.

Plan your Budget according to your Research

After you’ve done your research properly, you have to sit with a book and pen to calculate the budget of your dream trip. It is ideal to first calculate the basic budget of the trip that includes flight or train tickets, accommodation, commute, food, experiences at the destination, and shopping. Later, you can check for opportunities where you can cut down on your travel budget to save money and spend them on some other experiences or maybe shopping. It is very important to plan your travel budget so that you don’t end up spending all the money because having extra money with you on a trip is always an asset as emergencies can come anytime.

Make your Flight and Accommodation Bookings

After you’ve planned out your trip budget and done your complete research, it’s time for the most exciting part which are flight and hotel bookings. The fun in making bookings for your dream trip is surreal because it’s half job done. It is almost 50-60% sure now that you’ll take this trip. While making flight bookings or hotel bookings, ensure to make it in advance to get cheap fares. Also, research about the type of accommodation that is suitable at your dream destination so that you can experience the best. It is ideal to search for the best travel websites where you can get a bundles package of flights and hotels as it is more convenient and you can save money on your trip budget.

Research more about local transportation facilities

By now, you’ve figured out a way to reach your dream destination and find a great accommodation, now it’s time to research local commute options. If you’re budget-friendly, you can opt for local buses or trains or metro facilities. Suppose you’re visiting the UK, you have to make train reservations beforehand because last-minute ticket availability cannot be guaranteed and if they are available, they will be expensive. You can also plan to commute at your dream destination using a cab or rental car which you must book beforehand. So, researching local commute options is very important and try to make bookings in advance to avoid any last minute issues at your destination.

Create your itinerary

Once you’re done with figuring out local transportation options and booking them as per your needs, it’s time to create your dream itinerary for your dream destination. There is a reason why you have chosen a particular place on Earth as a dream destination. It’s time to visualise the places you want to visit at your dream destination and put them down in the form of an itinerary. Your research skills in step 2 will come in very handy here. Also, this step requires you to give a lot of time so that you can plan the best itinerary for your dream trip. Yes, there can be changes to your itinerary after you reach your destination but a rough draft is a must before you start your dream trip.

Know about Passport and Visa Requirements 

Every destination has a specific passport and Visa requirements, you must ensure to keep everything updated. Ideally, the validity of your passport is critical for at least 6 months after your dream trip. Different destinations have different visa requirements, some want you to apply before the trip and some others offer a visa on arrival, so check the requirements properly and stick to the protocol. Apart from passports and visas, there are other health requirements that need your attention. Some countries require specific health documents and vaccination reports before entering, so you must check the country’s government website and arrange for all the health documents required to enter your dream destination.

Get a Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must wherever you’re travelling on Earth. The emphasis on getting travel insurance is so much, yet most people don’t take this seriously. Always remember when you’re travelling to a foreign land, you don’t know anyone there; hence, only a travel insurance can save you from any mishap. You must get a travel insurance that covers the following aspects of your travel:

  • Unexpected flight cancellations or interruptions due to emergencies or weather issues.
  • If your luggage and personal belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • If you’re stranded due to flight disruptions, your insurance must cover compensation for delays with accommodation and meals.
  • Your insurance must provide access to 24/7 emergency assistance services for guidance and support.
  • Travel insurance must provide medical insurance that includes emergency medical and dental expenses.
  • Your insurance must provide assistance for evacuation or repatriation in case of medical emergencies.

Find out about the local customs and etiquettes of your destination

Let’s move on to more research for your dream trip! Till now we have done our research to frame an ideal itinerary for your dream destination. Now it’s time to know the local customs and etiquettes that are followed at your destination so that you don’t face any thrash from the locals. Sometimes, we may not know about the customs at a particular destination and we may end up hurting them unintentionally. For example, most Asian temples and religious places require you to dress conservatively. Also, you cannot enter these temples with your shoes. When you’re entering any mosques, you must keep your head covered. These may look like very small things but they actually matter to the locals at your destination. So, research about them and include these points in your itinerary for a smooth trip.

Get on with your Packing 

Let’s head to the packing part of your trip which almost feels like you’re on your dream trip already. You must pack all the essentials according to the weather and places you want to explore at your destination. If you’re going to a cold country, you must pack enough warm clothes and vice versa. Also, it can be exhausting to travel with so much luggage, so keep your bags light by choosing fabrics that are light and need less care. Also, use a rolling method to pack and compartmentalise your bag and pack everything in pouches to stay organised and make your luggage lighter. When you pack efficiently, you can avoid excess baggage and also explore your dream destination seamlessly.

Travel Safely and Securely in a Foreign Land

Whether you’re travelling alone or with family, safety and security is the most important thing that you must keep in mind. You must have your offline maps with you at all times. Also, it is a great idea to learn a few words in the local language so that people cannot fool you. The best way to keep your money safe is to divide them or use more cards or other digital payment modes instead of cash. Women must keep pepper spray and other such items with them as a part of defence. It is a great idea to have a soft copy of all your documents in case you lose them, you can always use your digital copy. 

You can have lots of fun as you’re finally taking your dream trip but safety is equally important. You must be alert and aware of your surroundings all the time. Also, don’t trust anyone blindly but enjoy to the fullest and live your dream on your dream trip.

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