London vs. Paris: Which is the best place for this summer?
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London vs. Paris: Which is the best place for this summer?

Summers are the brightest time of the year where many parts of the world face the wrath of scorching sun; however, some places, like London and Paris are the ideal summer spots for the tourists. You can enjoy so many different activities during summer in both these cities that you’ll fall in love with them. Also, the colours are brighter and the vibe of these cities shines through just like a smiling sun. However, if you want to pick any one among London and Paris, you can check out this blog to know more.

London vs Paris: Let’s Compare


London during the summers is known for events, games, and concerts. The temperature during the summer ranges between 59°F to 73°F which is pleasant and mostly dry for the tourists to explore the city and enjoy the royal English vibe. There are many activities that you can indulge in during the summers in London, like

  • You can take part in the Notting Hill Carnival that takes place on the last weekend of August. It is the world’s largest street festival that celebrates Caribbean culture. You can find everything in the Caribbean from food to dance and music. It creates a lively atmosphere in the city and you must experience the carnival.
  • Water activities in London during Summers are a must, like you can swim in the Serpentine Lido, and open water pool. You can also take a walk near the River Thames and enjoy the beauty and peace there.
  • You can go for Open Air Cinema Screening or attend the BBC Proms or watch a play at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.
  • You can enjoy several other attractions in London, like Hyde Park, London Eye, London Zoo, and you can also watch Wimbledon.


Paris, the Fashion Capital of the World, the City of Love, has a completely different vibe during the summers. The temperatures in Paris during summers range between 13°C to 25°C which is pleasant for the tourists to explore the city. You can indulge in several activities during the summers in Paris, like

  • You can laze on the Paris-Plage beach, which is an annual event that happens between July to August on the banks of River Seine.
  • Several music festivals and concerts happen in Paris only during the summer, so you can attend and enjoy them.
  • Shopping is a must in Paris during summers as it is the sale season this time and you can shop from your favourite brands in Paris.
  • You can go about exploring the landmarks and attractions in Paris, like the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Musée d’Orsay, Jardin du Luxembourg, Palais Garnier, and many more.
  • Summers are the best time in Paris when you can go for a Seine River Cruise which is the most beautiful experience that you can have.
  • You can explore the amazing party life of Paris during the summers. You can enjoy the vibrant nightlife here with drinks, food, music, and dance. 


The summers have a beautiful effect on both London and Paris; however, if you want to choose any one as your travel destination you have to recalibrate your preferences. If you’re a person who loves to shop or likes to go for mad parties during the night, you can opt for Paris. However, if you love history and culture, you can choose London and enjoy the beautiful historical landmarks there. London is a more family-oriented place and Paris is a destination that you can visit with your partner or friends. So, you can book your tickets to either of the destinations according to your preference and have lots of fun.

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