Top 5 safety tips for Solo Traveling for Women
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Top 5 safety tips for Solo Traveling for Women

Solo Traveling is the most rejuvenating activity you can find in the world. However, if you’re a woman traveling solo, there is a slight edge of fear and safety issues that you must consider. Hence, you must follow these safety tips whenever you travel alone to be safe and enjoy the most.

Advance Hotel Bookings

Ladies consider this your first safety tip when you’re traveling alone. It is best to do your full-fledged research before traveling and choose the safest and most secured hotel or resort to stay at your destination. You must ensure to do all your bookings in advance to be on the safer side.

Keep Your Family Informed

Now you may be traveling alone to domestic or international destinations but you must keep your family informed from time to time. In this way, they will know where you’re going and in case if some crisis happens, they can help you in some way or the other.

Offline Maps

Offline Maps are a must when you’re traveling alone, Ladies. Wherever your itinerary takes you, whether you book your cab from a trustworthy source or not, you must have offline maps with you. These come extremely handy when you reach a place where there is no internet. Also, it is somewhat beneficial to know a bit of your route, like the area names, in this way, the locals cab drivers will know that you’re not new.

Defense is Non-negotiable

Today girls are learning the value of going for defense classes, like kung fu, karate, etc. If you’ve the knowledge of the above then it’s great, otherwise don’t fail to keep things, like Pepper Spray and maybe a small nail toolkit with all sharp gadgets for defense. You never know from where what kind of danger can come, so always be alert and keep your arms and ammunition ready.

Divide Your Money

The most common problem that one faces while traveling is losing their money or passport bag. Most people consider women as weak, which makes it easier for the robbers to rob women’s bags. So, it is ideal to divide your money in different baggage, to save yourself from being broke at a tourist destination. Yes, the famous money and passport bag is highlighted a lot in the movies, but you should be alert with your money because even if the money from one bag is lost, you can use the remaining money to get back home safely.

Always Stay Alert

Traveling is all about fun and entertainment. You can go to fun parties and may have drinks also, but always be alert when you’re alone because you are the one who is going to be responsible to reach home safely. Tourist destinations are more prone to criminals, so being alert is your duty. If you’re making friends with strangers, don’t go overboard unless you know everything. Yes, it may seem like a movie, but when reality strikes, it’s difficult to come out of it. So, practicality is the way to go when you’re traveling alone. Even if you have a drink or two, you must drink within limits so that you can reach your hotel safely.

Safety is all about how you manage yourselves. You very well know which person or circumstances are unsafe because women have a very strong intuition power. So, make use of your intuition to judge your circumstances and make the right decision at the right time to enjoy your trip alone and be safe at the same time. Always remember girls, you must always be responsible for your safety and security.

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