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All the data and content published on this Hydra Travels website is correct and updated to the best of our knowledge. The source of published data on this site is contributed by our travel service suppliers and third-party partners. To confirm that the information and data uploaded on this website is first hand and correct, we at Hydra Travel cross-check these details through multiple channels in a routine process. We would like to inform you that the fare table display on the website is subject to continuous update due to the volatile trend of aviation industries. In addition, Hydra Travel have the discretion to make certain specific changes under the prescribed legal boundaries without any prior intimation to website visitors or clients.


Any loss or damage you suffer, which you claim due to your dependency or decision making based on our website's information we are not liable or responsible to reimburse such suffering and loss. We hereby want to declare that this website is not responsible for any loss you may suffer as a result of your dependency on any piece of information stated on this website, or links mentioned on this web pages.


The deals and discounts offered on Hydra Travel online booking platform are subject to market-driven operation and may differ. We would like to convey to you that some basic details of your travel such as- travel hours, prior intimation, booking dates or blackout dates may accurse in some instances due to sudden change in discounts. It is to notify you that, for selected bookings on specific routes, the fares may reshuffle without any prior information.


The objective of content, images and information published on Hydra Travel is to improve and update the user's experience. And intellectual materials of this website are not allowed to use by anyone for personal or professional purpose. Our internal business team holds exclusive rights to copy, print, distribute, alter or recreate intellectual materials on this website. If the website's intellectual materials are found to be misused without any consent, we reserve rights to take stern action against it. We hold the discretion to alter or edit the website's contents without any prior intimation the user to curtail the volatile trait of travel industries.