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Terms and Conditions- Hydra Travels

We are Hydra Travels, a one-stop solution for all your travel needs. We create the perfect travel itineraries for our users and provide them hassle-free travel assistance. However, we have laid down Terms and Conditions to ensure compliance with legal obligations and safe usage for our users. Our terms and conditions will apply for all travel-related activities and transactions on our website. You must be aware that if you’re using our website for travel-related activities, you must abide by our terms and conditions.

We will consider these Terms and Conditions as a binding agreement between you and Hydra Travels. The following set of terms and conditions or any other documents referred to as "Terms of Use" dictate your access to and usage of Hydra Travels, including our mobile website and mobile and tablet applications. It includes all content, features, and services offered on or through Hydra Travels, our mobile website, and mobile and tablet applications, collectively referred to as the "Website." Whether you visit as a guest or a registered user, these terms are applicable to your interaction on any above mentioned platform.

Hydra Travels, through its website, assists you in the following tasks- gathering travel information, checking the availability of travel-related goods and services, making travel reservations, and engaging in transactions with travel suppliers. However, you must note that our services are intended for these specific purposes only.

We kindly request you to thoroughly read and understand these Terms and Conditions before using our website or its contents for your travel needs. We request you to use our website or its content only when you completely agree with our Terms and Conditions to avoid further miscommunications. If you choose to disagree with these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, please refrain from accessing or using the Website.

However, if you partly or wholly do not agree to our Terms and Conditions, we request you to refrain from using our website or its content until you completely agree with our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies.

1. Acceptance

Before you proceed to use our services, it is essential to understand and accept the following terms and conditions, which govern your use of this website and any services provided here. By using our website or its content, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and you accept the Terms and Conditions laid down for our website and comply with the same. After using our website for your travel bookings, you're bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Changes to our Terms and Conditions

We have the absolute authority to revise and update our Terms and Conditions regularly at our discretion. Any such alterations in our Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately as soon as we publish them on our website and are applicable to all users from that point onwards. By continuing to use our website after we have published the alterations to our Terms and Conditions, it is a sign of your acceptance and compliance with these modifications. It is your responsibility to regularly check this page or whenever you access the Website to stay informed about any alterations, as they carry legal obligations and they may impact your use of the platform.

We update our Terms and Conditions page regularly to maintain transparency, uphold legal obligations, and enhance your experience on our Website. We value your engagement with our website and will make maximum efforts to communicate the changes as and when required. However, Hydra Travels reserves the rights to amend, alter, update, revise, or delete a part or whole of the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice at any time. We are not liable to anyone to notify any changes we make to our Terms and Conditions.Your continued use of the Website implies that you are aware of and agree to the most recent Terms and Conditions.

We encourage you to check for updates on our Terms and Conditions page every time you access our website for your travel needs to ensure that you remain informed about any modifications to these terms.

3. Use of the Website

There are certain general terms and conditions that all users using our website must abide by, they are:

3.1 Eligibility

Eligibility is one of the major components of the Terms and Conditions page on our website. You must be of legal age which is 18 years or older, to enter into legally binding agreements with us. The eligibility criteria here ensures that we deal with individuals who have the maturity and capacity to understand and comply with the terms and conditions.

Also, you must be eligible in every legal capacity to enter into agreements which includes that you should not be under any legal restrictions that would prevent them from using our services. For example, individuals under guardianship, as they may not have the legal capacity.

If you’re representing a company or other legal entity, they must have the authority to comply or be bound to our Terms and Conditions. This policy prevents any unauthorized individuals from making commitments on behalf of organizations.

The eligibility criterias mentioned above are to safeguard the interests of our users and our website. Through these criterias we ensure that our users have the cognitive ability and legal standing to comprehend and abide by our policies and regulations. Also, they will help maintain the integrity of the agreements formed on our website. We encourage responsible and lawful use of our services and expect users to meet these eligibility criteria when accessing and utilizing our website for their travel needs. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, users confirm their eligibility and commitment to complying with our guidelines, it will eventually enhance the overall experience for all users of our Travel Website

Finally, you must be 18 years or above to use our website for travel booking or purchases. By using our website, you confirm our age requirement and comply with the same. If you're found otherwise, you may have to face legal complications for which we are not liable in any capacity.

3.2 Account Creation

Account creation is a fundamental aspect for travel bookings on our website. Here are the general guidelines of account creation on our website. We have outlined the process by which you can create and manage your accounts on our website. Here are some key points that you must consider:

Account creation is one of the most crucial steps while using our website. Through this we can provide you with the best user experience, personalized travel recommendations, and seamless travel bookings. You must also read, understand, and agree to the account creation terms as outlined in our Terms and Conditions to facilitate a smooth and secure interaction with our website. We are forever committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of our users' information and providing a positive user-experience for our services.

Hence, you must provide accurate, genuine, and complete information to create an account on our website to make travel bookings. Also, your personal information must be up-to-date to avoid any further complications. You're responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account credentials and other activities related to your account on our website.

You may use our website to book or manage travel bookings or purchases on behalf of others. However, you own the complete responsibility for all bookings and purchases you make on others behalf on our website.

3.3 Prohibited Activities

While using our website for your travel needs, you must be aware of our terms and conditions that govern it's use. You must strictly follow these terms and conditions to ensure a user-friendly experience on our website. You must be aware of the prohibited activities on our website for a seamless travel booking. The following are the prohibited activities on our website that you must avoid:

Fraudulent Activities

One of the most significant prohibited activities on our website is indulging in fraudulent activity. It includes any attempt to deceive or manipulate our website or users for personal gain. Here are some of the common examples of fraudulent activity on our website and these account for prohibited activities too; they are:

Spamming and Unsolicited Content

We enforce very strict policies against spamming and sending unsolicited content. You’re strictly prohibited from indulging in the following activities in this aspect:

Copyright and Intellectual Property Infringement

We enforce strict copyright and intellectual property policies to protect original content and respect the rights of others. Our prohibited activities in this aspect includes:

Discrimination and Hate Speech

We maintain strict guidelines against discrimination and hate speech. The following are the prohibited activities that you must avoid:

Misuse of Personal Information

We expect you to respect the privacy of other users on our website. Here are some of the prohibited activities on our website that indicate breaching of other’s privacy:

Malicious Activities

We prohibit all malicious activities on our website that are harmful, like

Violation of Laws and Regulations

You must comply with the applicable laws and regulations on our website. Some prohibited activities that you must avoid are:

Manipulating Prices and Availability

We often prohibit our users from attempting to manipulate prices or availability information for their personal benefits. Some of the prohibited activities in this aspect includes:

Violating the Website's Policies

We have a specific list of policies for our users, and you must adhere to them as and when required. Some of the prohibited activities pertaining to violating our website policies are:

Unauthorized Commercial Activities

We prohibit users from conducting unauthorized commercial activities, like

In case, users violate our website terms or indulge in the above prohibited activities, we may suspend or take legal action, or ban them from using our website. These terms are in place to provide you with a smooth and seamless experience on our website. Hence, you must abide by the same at all times while using our website.

4. Content

The "Content" section in our Terms and Conditions page plays a significant role in defining the rights, responsibilities, and limitations concerning the use of our website's content. Our Content section is useful for us and our users, as it outlines how various types of content, such as text, images, reviews, and user-generated content, can be used, shared, and protected. Here are the key elements related to our website’s content:

Ownership and Copyright

We hold absolute ownership of all original content on our website, including text, graphics, logos, icons, and multimedia elements. We have exclusive rights to the copyright and intellectual property of our website’s content. As users, you do not have any rights to reproduce, distribute, modify, or use any of the website's copyrighted materials without explicit permission from our end.

User-Generated Content

Travel websites often allow users to submit content such as reviews, comments, photos, and videos related to their travel experiences. Our content section under Terms and Conditions defines the website's rights and responsibilities regarding user-generated content. It typically includes provisions like:

Third-Party Content and Links

Our website has links to third-party websites, as well as third-party advertisements and content. Our content section may include disclaimers specifying that we do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the third-party content. Users are typically encouraged to review the terms and privacy policies of linked websites, as they operate independently from the travel website.

Reviews and Ratings

We thrive on user reviews and ratings of accommodations, services, and destinations. Our content section may outline how we collect, display, and moderate reviews and ratings. It may include information on:

Trademarks and Logos

Here we clarify that all trademarks, logos, and service marks on our website come under our intellectual property and you cannot use them without our consent.

Limitations of Liability

Our content section often includes limitations of liability related to the accuracy and reliability of content on our website. It may state that we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of information, and therefore, you must exercise discretion when relying on our website’s content completely.

User Reporting

We usually provide a mechanism for users to report content that they believe violates the website's terms and conditions. Our content section outlines the procedure for reporting such content and we strongly commit to reviewing and addressing those reports promptly without any delay.

Changes to Content and Terms

Our Content section in the Terms and Conditions page clarifies about the rights and responsibilities of us and our users regarding the website's content. It establishes guidelines for the use of copyrighted materials, user-generated content, and third-party content and also addresses issues related to reviews, trademarks, and limitations of liability. It is crucial to have a strong understanding and abiding by these content terms for a positive and compliant experience while using our website for your travel needs.

5. Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is another most critical aspect of the Terms and Conditions page of our website. It defines the rights, protections, and responsibilities of ourselves and our users concerning various forms of intellectual property, like copyrights, trademarks, and patents. In this section, you’ll find out the role of intellectual property in our Terms and Conditions page which will cover key concepts, user responsibilities, and our rights as a website operator.

Ownership and Copyright

Ownership and Copyright is a part of our intellectual property section in our website’s Terms and Conditions page. It includes the following:

User-Generated Content and Licensing

We often allow users to contribute content, like reviews, comments, photos, and videos on our website. However, such user-generated contents and its licensing are also governed by our website’s Terms and Conditions in the following ways:

Trademarks and Logos

The Terms and Conditions of our website addresses trademarks and logos as follows:

Ownership and Usage: We have the absolute ownership of our trademarks, logos, and service marks. You are informed that you cannot use these marks without obtaining explicit permission from us.

Third-Party Trademarks: You must be aware that our website may display trademarks and logos owned by third parties, such as hotels, airlines, or tour operators. We often disclaim any endorsement of these third-party companies and recommend our users to review the terms and policies of these entities separately.

Limitations of Liability

Our Intellectual Property also includes limitations of liability related to the use of our website's content:

Content Accuracy: We strive hard to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of content. Therefore, you must exercise discretion and verify information independently.

Third-Party Content: We may disclaim responsibility for any third-party content, including user-generated content and advertisements displayed on our website. You must be aware that these things are beyond our control.

User Reporting and Takedown

To protect intellectual property rights, we often provide mechanisms for our users and content owners to report potential copyright infringements or violations. Our Intellectual Property section specifies the following:

Changes to Content and Terms

Our Terms and Conditions highlights the right to modify, update, or remove any content, as well as make changes to our terms. You must check for regular updates to know about any changes to our intellectual property related policies.

Our website’s Intellectual property is a vital aspect of our Terms and Conditions, governing the ownership, use, and protection of various forms of creative and proprietary content. By clearly defining the rights and responsibilities of both our website and its users regarding intellectual property, these terms contribute to a transparent and fair online environment. Understanding and adhering to these provisions is crucial for both the protection of intellectual property rights and a positive user experience on our website.

6. Fulfillment Policy

A Fulfillment Policy in our terms and conditions page outlines the processes, responsibilities, and expectations regarding the fulfillment of bookings, reservations, and services made through the platform. Our well-defined Fulfillment Policy helps us ensure a smooth and transparent experience for both travelers and ourselves. The following are the key elements of our Fulfillment Policy:

Booking and Reservation Confirmation

The Fulfillment Policy initially explains how bookings and reservations are confirmed on our website:

Payment and Pricing

Our Fulfillment Policy addresses payment-related aspects as follows:

Booking Modifications and Cancellations

Our Fulfillment Policy explains the procedures for making changes to or canceling bookings:

Travel Documentation

We have a section on travel documentation in our Fulfillment Policy:

Provider Terms and Conditions

Our Fulfillment Policy highlights that bookings and reservations may be subject to the terms and conditions of the service providers, like hotels, airlines, tour operators who are involved in the process of completing your travel booking:

Travel Insurance

We also include information on travel insurance in our fulfillment policy:

Force Majeure and Unforeseen Circumstances

Our Fulfillment Policy often addresses unexpected situations that may affect your travel plans:

Contact Information and Support

Our policy provides users with contact information for customer support and assistance:

Changes to Fulfillment Policy

You must be aware that, we may update or revise our Fulfillment Policy anytime without any prior notice. It's essential for you to review this policy periodically to stay informed about any changes that may affect your travel plans.

We are a travel firm that aims at providing the best travel-based services to our clients. We are genuine, loyal, affordable, and reliable travel companions for every traveler. We collaborate with you to plan, implement, and execute your travel in a desirable, reasonable, and ethical manner.

Our Fulfillment Policy ensures that our end customers are satisfied with our services like online ticket booking service, modification in the ticket, payment settlements, ticket cancellation, or customer support assistance.

We offer a dedicated professional service to our customers. Our services are presented to our customers by our knowledgeable and experienced team. We ensure that our customers benefit from our travel knowledge, work pattern, and zeal to get everything right. We want to make a difference in the travel industry by running a friendly and innovative travel business.

The key to our business has been well-defined principles in our organization, with which all the team members comply. Our principles are the foundation for our critical choices and a standardized and sound panel against which various disputes or disagreements can be assessed and addressed.

We acquire the details of each customer and offer our services to update each booked ticket. Our organization will track the order and payment data, the customer general information, and the request processing status. We are incredibly thankful for the modern technology that allows us to digitally process our services and the transaction between various airlines and many other benefits.

Our professional team makes every effort to ensure that every order is met within the promised timeframe after the order has been made and payment is completed. Our team is our asset, and our team brings all our values and principles to life and helps us maintain a loyal customer base.

Furthermore, our deep networking strategies enable us to offer competitive pricing on airline tickets, hotel reservations, visas, travel insurance, and currency exchange. We provide additional airport assistance, lounge access, and many more. We dedicatedly conduct our business with full responsibility.

Our travel specialists are motivated by our fundamental values, which allow us to serve a vast customer base. As a result, we've constructed a niche in the travel industry, providing satisfying services with our suppliers to our trustworthy customers. Traveling, we feel, is a life-changing experience in itself. As a result, it should be smooth and hassle-free.

We believe in putting out the maximum effort, and hence, we continuously strive to make travel a unique experience for our customers. Our fully automated, practical, and functional travel solutions are every traveler's dream. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best solutions to our customer's ever-changing demands. Our vast customer base and their testimonials speak of the same.

We are a traveler-oriented travel firm that puts their travelers' requirements above all. Our travel firm wants to give our customers tension-free and hassle-free vacations and trips. We firmly believe that we are the best in the business, and we will strive hard always to be the trustworthy travel solution for our customers.

7. Booking and Payment

Booking Confirmation

Booking confirmation is crucial for the best user experience on our website. It ensures that your travel plans are secured after choosing us for your travel needs. Hence, to provide clarity and transparency, we have a section dedicated to booking confirmation. Here, you will understand the key components and considerations related to booking confirmation in the Terms and Conditions of our website.

Acknowledgment of Booking Confirmation

Our Terms and Conditions section related to booking confirmation helps you acknowledge the importance of this process and it highlights that the booking confirmation serves as the official documentation of your reservation and provides essential information for the journey.

Booking Confirmation Process

It outlines the general process through which booking confirmation is generated and communicated to you:

Confirmation as Proof of Booking

Here, we emphasize the significance of booking confirmation as an evidence for your travel reservation:

Contact Information for Support

Here we highlight about the contact information for our website's customer support or help center:

Changes to Booking Confirmation Terms

We conclude by noting that the Terms and Conditions related to booking confirmation may be subject to updates and revisions by us anytime without prior notice:

Booking confirmation is a pivotal aspect of your travel booking process on our website, providing you with essential information and peace of mind regarding your upcoming journey. Our Terms and Conditions page includes a dedicated section to clarify the booking confirmation process, traveler responsibilities, and the significance of the confirmation as proof of reservation. By adhering to these terms and conditions, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience, confident in the knowledge that your reservations are confirmed and accurate.

Your booking confirmation, pricing details, and availability is subject to change until the booking is confirmed by Hydra Travels.

We readily accept your bookings at all times without any limitations. We also verify your booking by sending your booking details to your email id or text messages or any other communication channel.

We also provide access to booking cancellation which is subject to airline's policy and our cancellation policies. Our cancellation and

refund policies govern the subject of ticket cancellations.

Also, we request our customers to acknowledge that cancellation of a booking or its refund is subject to the specific airline policies. We do not have a say if the respective airline doesn't allow cancellations or refunds


By using our services, you agree to adhere to the following payment terms and conditions. You must read this section carefully before making any bookings or transactions on our platform.

Booking and Payment Process

Pricing and Fees

Payment Confirmation and Receipt

Cancellation and Refunds

Payment Disputes

Currency Conversion

Fraudulent Activities

Changes to Payment Terms

Contact Information

All payments towards your travel bookings must be made according to the website's payment policy. We reserve the right to cancel your bookings in case of non-payment or delayed payment.

The details of your tickets or hotels along with prices are mentioned clearly on our website without any confusion. The prices displayed on our website are dynamic and will vary from time to time. However, the price will remain the same for the bookings already accepted.

We also offer a detailed view of the prices we mention which includes taxes. The taxes we charge as the government norms of the specific country. It includes value-added tax, goods and services tax, sales tax, occupancy tax and other various taxes.

We provide our customers with multiple payment methods with proper authentication and verification of the payments made. We do not entertain frauds and fraudsters. We also ensure that the payments you make to us have no middleman or fraudsters in between.

8. Cancellation and Refund Policy

We understand that travel plans can change, and we aim to provide you with clear and fair cancellation and refund terms and conditions. Please carefully read and understand our cancellation and refund policy before making any bookings on our platform. The following are the Cancellation and Refund Policies of Hydra Travels:

8.1 Booking Cancellation

8.2 Cancellation Fees

8.3 Cancellation Period

Flexible Bookings: For bookings with a "Flexible" cancellation policy, you may cancel or modify your reservation up to a few hours/days before the scheduled check-in or your travel date. Cancellations made within this period will be subject to the cancellation fees outlined in this policy.

Non-Refundable Bookings: Some bookings that offer discounted or non-refundable rates, may not be eligible for cancellation or refunds. Please read the specific terms and conditions of your booking.

8.4 Cancellation Process

Online Cancellation: To cancel your booking, log in to your account on our website, go to the "My Bookings" section, and follow the cancellation instructions.During this process, You will need your booking reference number, so keep it handy.

Contact Customer Support: If you face any issues while canceling your booking online on our website or have questions about the cancellation process, you can contact our customer support team for assistance.

8.5 Refund Eligibility

8.6 Refund Process

8.7 Modification of Booking

8.8 Force Majeure and Exceptional Circumstances

8.9 Supplier-Specific Policies

8.10 No-Show Policy

8.11 Changes and Modifications

8.12 Guest Responsibilities

8.13 Contact Information

9. Ticket Delivery

We aim to provide you with a seamless ticket booking experience on our website, including clear and efficient ticket delivery options. Please read and understand our ticket delivery terms and conditions before making any reservations on our platform.

Ticket Delivery Options

Ticket Delivery Timing

Ticket Confirmation and Details

Lost or Stolen Tickets

Ticket Usage and Entry

Ticket Transfer and Resale

Ticket Refunds

Booking Cancellations or Changes

Contact Information

We reserve flights after you make the booking and we issue your flight tickets only after you make the final payment. You will receive your tickets via email or text message or on Whatsapp as per your contact details with us. After we issue your flight tickets, they are subject to airline policies and they're mostly non-refundable and unchangeable.

10. Credit Card Declines

We understand that issues with credit card payments can occasionally occur. Hence, we have outlined our policy regarding credit card declines and the steps to address such situations when using our services.

Credit Card Authorization

Reasons for Credit Card Declines

Notification of Declined Payments

Resolution of Credit Card Declines

Booking Hold and Cancellation

Booking Hold: If your credit card payment is declined during the booking process but you intend to resolve the issue, we may place a temporary hold on your booking to secure your reservation. The hold period may vary depending on the supplier's policies.

Cancellation: If the credit card decline issue is not resolved within the specified timeframe or if you do not provide an alternate payment method, your booking may be subject to cancellation in accordance with the supplier's cancellation policy.

Data Security


Changes to Credit Card Decline Policy

Contact Information

In case of a decline in your credit card payment, we may request you to use an alternative form of payment. Upon the failure of the same, we may hold or cancel your booking until the final payment is completed. If your booking is canceled due to a credit card decline, you may have the option to rebook based on availability and current pricing. Rebooking may require submitting a new reservation request and providing updated payment information.

Credit card payments may be declined for various reasons, like insufficient funds, an expired card, a daily limit reached, or suspected fraud by your card issuer. We are not responsible for any fees or charges imposed by your bank or credit card company due to a declined transaction. We reserve the right to charge a processing fee for each declined credit card transaction and we will communicate the same with you before processing your payment.

11. Seats, Meals, Frequent Flyer & Other Requests

We want to ensure your travel experience is both enjoyable and comfortable from our end. Here, we outline the terms and conditions related to seats, meals, frequent flier programs, and other requests when you're booking and traveling with us.

Seat Requests:

Meal Requests:

Frequent Flyer Program:

Other Requests:

Requests Confirmation:


All requests are subject to availability and the policies of the respective airlines you choose on our website. We reserve the right to make changes to seat assignments, meal options, and other services based on operational requirements.

Airlines offer options to select your seats and meals according to your preference on our website. However, if there are any changes in the seats or meals you have selected, it is subject to availability the same on the airlines and we are not liable for the same.

If you're a part of a frequent flier program of an airline, you can enter your program account number at the time of booking the ticket with us to avail the benefits of the same. However, sometimes a few flights may not be eligible for mileage of frequent flyer programs. If you have any queries regarding your loyalty programs, you can directly contact the airline as we have no say or control over the same.

12. Baggage Policy and Fees

We understand that clear and transparent baggage policies are crucial for a smooth travel experience. Here we outline the standard baggage policies, fees, and guidelines of most airlines to ensure you are well-prepared for your journey. However, these baggage policies and fees vary depending on the airline you choose and your ticket type.

Carry-On Baggage:

Checked Baggage:

Special Items and Sports Equipment:

Lost or Damaged Baggage:

Baggage Liability:

Prohibited Items:

Baggage Terms Changes:

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or need assistance with baggage-related matters, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We always ensure that you have a seamless travel experience.

The Baggage Policy is laid down by the airline and the baggage fees are subject to their policies. We are not liable or responsible for any issues regarding baggage policies. If you don't abide by the baggage policies of the airline you're traveling in you may have to bear the excess baggage fees as per the policy.

13. Baggage Policy on Connecting Flights

When it comes to baggage policies on connecting flights, there are a few key terms and consider which we have laid down for you for better understanding and to avoid any miscommunication:

14. Payment Acceptance Policy

For certain transactions, we may accept electronic bank transfers. Bank transfer instructions will be provided upon request or during the booking process. Bank transfers may take additional time to process, and the booking will be confirmed once the payment is received and verified.

By giving your payment details, you provide us authorization to charge specified amount for your travel bookings. You also agree to abide by the terms and conditions of our payment processing partners.

Unless otherwise specified, all prices and charges on our website are in the currency displayed on the booking page. If you use a payment method denominated in a different currency, your payment may be subject to currency conversion fees by your bank or payment provider.

After successful payment authorization, you will receive a booking confirmation email that includes details of your reservation. Please keep this confirmation for your records and present it as proof of your booking when required. We secure your payment information by using industry-standard encryption and security measures. However, we cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted over the internet, and you acknowledge that you provide your payment information at your own risk.

If you have concerns regarding a payment, please contact our customer support to resolve the issue. We reserve the right to modify our payment acceptance policy at any time without prior notice. By making payment towards our travel services, you agree to abide with this payment acceptance policy.

15. Flight Changes

The terms and conditions for flight changes on a travel website often depend on the airline's policies, the type of fare you've purchased, and the specific circumstances of your request. Some common terms and conditions on this aspect are:

Change Fees: Many airlines charge change fees when you want to modify your flight. The amount of the fee can vary based on factors, like the airline, fare class, and how far in advance you make the change. Some premium tickets may allow for free changes, but basic economy fares often have stricter change fees.

Fare Difference: When changing your flight, you may have to pay the difference in fare if the new flight is more expensive than the original one. If the new flight is cheaper, you might receive a credit for the fare difference, but it completely depends on the airline and fare rules.

Advance Notice: Some airlines may require a minimum notice period before allowing flight changes. For example, you may need to request changes at least 24 or 48 hours before the original departure time. However, some other airlines may ask for longer notice periods.

Change Restrictions: Basic economy tickets have more restrictions on changes compared to standard economy or premium tickets. These restrictions might limit your ability to change flights or impose additional fees.

Change Limits: There may be limits on the number of times you can change a flight or restrictions on how far in advance or close to the departure date you can make changes depending on the airline you choose.

Non-Refundable Tickets: Non-refundable tickets do not provide refunds for changes or cancellations. Instead, you may receive a credit excluding any applicable fees for future travel on the same airline, subject to airline policies.

Refundable Tickets: Refundable tickets may offer more flexibility, allowing you to make changes or cancellations with the possibility of receiving a full refund; however, they are subject to airline policies.

Online Change Process: We provide instructions on how to request for flight changes on our website. Some changes may require you to contact the airline directly.

Change Confirmation: Once you request a flight change, you will receive confirmation of the change along with the new flight details. You must review this information to ensure accuracy.

Weather or Force Majeure: Airlines may have specific policies regarding flight changes due to weather, natural disasters, or other force majeure events. These policies may allow for waivers of change fees or refunds, so please go through the airline policies.

Travel Insurance: If you've purchased travel insurance, the terms and conditions of your policy may affect your ability to make flight changes or receive compensation for cancellations.

Cancellation Policies: If you're unable to change your flight, you may have to cancel it. You must note that the terms and conditions outline our cancellation fees, if any, and the process for requesting a refund or credit.

It's crucial to read and understand the terms and conditions specific to your booking, as they can vary widely. If you're unsure about the policies, it's a good idea to contact the airline directly or reach out to the customer support of the travel website for clarification and guidance on making flight changes.

Airlines may change your flight schedule anytime without informing, even after confirmation. We're not liable for any costs that may incur due to changes in airline schedules or missed connections of multiple flights in the travel itinerary curated by us. If you book your own connecting flights, it is your sole responsibility for any schedule changes or delays.

16. Overbooking of Flights

Overbooking of flights is a common practice in the airline industry where airlines sell more tickets for a flight than the available seats to compensate for the expected number of no-show passengers. When a flight is overbooked, airlines often have terms and conditions in place to manage the situation. Hence, you must be aware of the common terms and conditions related to overbooking:

Compensation for Voluntary Denied Boarding: Airlines may ask for volunteers to give up their seats on an overbooked flight in exchange for compensation, like travel vouchers, cash, or other benefits. The specific compensation offered can vary by airline and the circumstances of the overbooking.

Involuntary Denied Boarding: If there are not enough volunteers to give up their seats, airlines may involuntarily deny boarding to some passengers. In such cases, passengers are entitled to compensation, which is regulated by government authorities in many countries. The compensation may include a refund of the ticket or a portion of it, and assistance with rebooking on a later flight.

Priority for Denied Boarding: Airlines often have a specific procedure for selecting passengers to be denied boarding involuntarily. It may be based on factors such as fare class, check-in time, frequent flier status, or other criteria.

Rebooking Options: When passengers are involuntarily denied boarding due to overbooking, airlines usually provide alternative flight options, including the next available flight with available seats. The terms and conditions will detail the airline's obligation to rebook passengers.

Notification and Communication: Airlines will inform passengers about the situation and their rights in the event of overbooking. This communication may occur at the airport or before the flight.

Compensation Exceptions: There are some exceptions to compensation, like passengers are informed of the overbooking well in advance and provided with alternative travel options.

Regulatory Compliance: The airline's terms and conditions will be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding overbooking and passenger rights.

Assistance for Stranded Passengers: If passengers are delayed due to overbooking, the airline may provide assistance, like meals, accommodations, and transportation, depending on the length of the delay and local regulations.

Waivers and Disclaimers: Airlines may include clauses that limit their liability in certain situations. We urge passengers to read and understand these waivers.

Refunds and Compensation Process: We outline the process for requesting compensation and refunds for passengers who experience inconvenience due to overbooking.

It's important for passengers to be aware of the terms and conditions of the airline they are flying with, as they can vary from one carrier to another. Additionally, passengers must be aware of their rights and protections under aviation regulations in their country. However, we are a travel company and we only follow the above airline policies, we will not be held responsible for any consequences due to overbooking of flights by any airline.

17. Unaccompanied Minor

When booking flights for unaccompanied minors, we have specific terms and conditions to ensure the safety and well-being of the child during their journey. These terms and conditions may include the following:

Age Requirements: Unaccompanied minor travel bookings are available for children between a certain age range between 5 to 17 years old. The specific age range can vary according to airlines.

Booking Process: We outline the process for booking unaccompanied minor services, which usually involves contacting the airline directly or selecting the option during the online booking process.

Fees: We will detail any fees associated with booking unaccompanied minor services, which may include a service fee in addition to the standard ticket price.

Travel Documentation: Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring that the child has the necessary travel documents, including passports, visas, and any required permissions for unaccompanied travel.

Acceptance and Liability: The airline reserves the right to refuse unaccompanied minor services if the child's behavior or medical condition poses a risk or if the child does not meet the airline's age requirements.

Escort Service: Airlines may offer an escort service to assist the child during check-in, security screening, and boarding. We will explain the responsibilities of the airline staff during the journey.

Handover and Pickup: We will provide the details on the procedures for handing over the child at the departure airport and picking them up at the arrival airport. Parents or guardians must remain at the airport until the flight has departed.

Identification and Contact Information: The airline may require parents or guardians to provide identification and contact information for themselves and the person who will pick up the child at the destination.

In-Flight Assistance: The flight attendants will keep a close eye on the unaccompanied minor during the flight, ensuring their needs are met.

Connecting Flights: If the journey involves connecting flights, we will handle the procedures for transferring the child to the next flight and may specify if there is a separate escort for the connection.

Child's Responsibility: The unaccompanied minor must be informed about their responsibilities during the journey, like following instructions from airline staff and staying in their designated seat.

Emergency Contacts: The airline may require parents or guardians to provide emergency contact information in case of unexpected situations.

Unaccompanied Minor Form: Parents or guardians may need to complete and sign an unaccompanied minor form, which includes important details about the child's journey and any special instructions.

Cancellation and Changes: Our policy or the airline's policy reserves the right for canceling or making changes to unaccompanied minor bookings.

We will not sell flight tickets or allow any travel booking to be made on our website if you're an unaccompanied minor below 13 years of age, without the consent from their parents or guardians. The airline policies may differ in relation to unaccompanied minors. You must contact the airlines to understand the detailed rules and restrictions for unaccompanied minors.

18. Itinerary Re-Confirmation

We provide itinerary reconfirmation terms and request our passengers to confirm their travel plans before their flights. These terms can vary across different airlines and may also depend on the type of your ticket. Here are some common itinerary re-confirmation terms:

Re-Confirmation Process: Passengers must reconfirm their flights, which may involve visiting our website, calling our customer service, or physically visiting the airline's ticket counter or office.

Re-Confirmation Deadline: We will specify the deadline by which passengers need to re-confirm their itinerary. The deadline is set for a certain number of hours or days before the scheduled departure time.

Mandatory or Optional: Itinerary re-confirmation may be mandatory for some airlines or specific routes, while it might be optional for others. Our terms and conditions will indicate whether re-confirmation is required for the passenger's particular flight.

Cancellation for Non-Re-Confirmation: If there is failure to re-confirm your travel itinerary by the specified deadline, it could lead to the airline canceling your reservation. It could result in the loss of the booked flight.

Electronic Ticketing: If electronic ticketing is in use, we must clarify that re-confirmation is not required for e-tickets, as the airline has electronic records of the booking.

Exceptional Circumstances: Under exceptional circumstances or routes for which re-confirmation is always required, such as flights to remote destinations or regions where communication is limited.

Communication Responsibility: You must ensure that we have your current and accurate contact information, including email and phone number, to receive notifications about your itinerary and any changes or cancellations.

Itinerary Changes: We may provide instructions for passengers who need to make changes to their itinerary after re-confirmation, including how to update contact information, dates, or flight segments.

Refund Policies: We have a strict refund policy in the event of itinerary cancellation due to non-re-confirmation, which includes any associated fees.

Notification of Changes: You must notify us if you make any changes to your travel plans, like modifications to the departure date, time, or destination.

It's important to note that re-confirmation requirements have become less common in recent years, especially for international flights, as electronic ticketing and online booking systems have streamlined the process. However, you should always check the specific terms and conditions of the airline you’re flying with to understand whether re-confirmation is required and how to comply with any such requirements.

We urge passengers to verify their travel itineraries for accuracy before departure. In case of any discrepancy, please report to our customer support immediately otherwise you may face booking cancellation or disruptions. We are not liable for any consequences occuring due to unconfirmed and inaccurate itineraries.

19. Human Error

In an increasingly digital age, the travel industry has seen a significant shift towards online booking systems. We provide you with convenience, choices, and a wealth of information to make your travel plans. However, no matter how advanced the technology, one element remains constant: the potential for human error. In response to this, we include disclaimers to emphasize the importance of user responsibility in verifying and confirming travel details.

We are a loyal travel company who strive for accuracy at each step. However, we are not responsible for errors, inaccuracies, and omissions in any travel information on our website or during booking. We urge you to review and verify every detail before confirming reservations. We reserve the right to correct any such errors.

In a few cases, human errors are evident from passengers' end too. The terms and conditions for the same are as follows:

Booking Errors: You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your booking details, including travel dates, passenger information, and contact information.

Modification Fees: If you need to correct or modify your bookings due to errors made during the booking process, you must be aware of the website's policies regarding change fees, if applicable.

Name Spelling Errors: In cases where your name is misspelled or does not match the name on official identification documents (e.g., passport), you may have to follow the steps needed to rectify the situation, including any associated fees.

Document Validity: You are responsible for ensuring that your travel documents, like passports and visas, are valid and in order for the entire trip. You should verify the document requirements for your destination.

Entry Requirements: You are responsible for meeting the entry requirements of your destination, including visa requirements and health documentation.

Baggage Responsibility: You are responsible for packing your luggage in compliance with airline and airport security regulations. You may have to face serious consequences if you fail to adhere to these rules.

Missed Flights: Our policy outlines the consequences in case you miss your flights due to errors like arriving at the airport late or not allowing enough time for security and check-in procedures.

Security and Customs Compliance: You must follow all security and customs regulations otherwise you may face the consequences of not adhering to these rules.

Reimbursement for Errors: In some cases, you may or may not be eligible for compensation or refunds if you miss flights, accommodation bookings, or activities due to your own errors.

Communication Errors: You must provide accurate contact information to receive updates, notifications, and travel-related communications. We are not responsible for any issues arising from inaccurate contact information.

Liability Limitation: Here is a disclaimer that limits our liability for damages or losses incurred as a result of your errors or omissions.

It's important for you to carefully read and understand our terms and conditions and take responsibility for accurate and thorough planning when booking and embarking on a trip with us. Proper documentation, accurate information, and adherence to rules and regulations can help prevent and mitigate issues related to human errors.

20. Hazardous Materials

The safety and security of all passengers, airline staff, and the environment are of paramount importance. Therefore, it is essential that all passengers comply with these Hazardous Materials Terms and Conditions when traveling by air. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe penalties and legal consequences.

Prohibited Items: Hazardous materials, as defined by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), are strictly prohibited on all flights. It includes, but is not limited to, explosives, flammable gasses, flammable liquids, oxidizers, corrosive substances, and radioactive materials. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not carry any hazardous materials in your baggage.

Carry-On Restrictions:You're not allowed to carry hazardous materials in your carry-on baggage. It includes items such as lighter fluid, fireworks, and self-defense sprays. If you have any questions about specific items, please contact us or the airline in advance.

Declaration of Hazardous Materials: If you're carrying any items that may be considered hazardous, you must declare them to the airline during the check-in process. Failure to declare hazardous materials is a violation of federal law and may lead to civil penalties.

Special Permits: Some hazardous materials may be permitted for transport under specific circumstances and with prior approval from us or the airlines. You should contact us or the airline well in advance to inquire about the necessary permits and approvals.

Restricted Items: Certain items that are generally allowed in checked baggage are subject to restrictions. It includes items like spare lithium batteries, power banks, and aerosols. You're advised to follow specific airline guidelines regarding these items.

Packaging and Labeling: If you're transporting permitted hazardous materials, they must be properly packaged and labeled according to DOT and IATA regulations. These regulations include specific packaging requirements for items like lithium batteries, and appropriate labeling indicating the presence of hazardous materials.

Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs): While PEDs such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets are generally allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage; however, they must be in good condition and must not show signs of damage, defect, or heating.

Penalties for Non-Compliance: Non-compliance with hazardous materials regulations may result in severe penalties, fines, imprisonment, and the initiation of legal proceedings. If you attempt to carry or transport hazardous materials without proper authorization from us or the airline, you will be held responsible.

Precautions for Lithium Batteries: Lithium batteries, including those found in laptops and electronic devices, have specific restrictions due to their potential fire risk. You must carry these devices in your carry-on baggage and ensure they are protected from damage or short circuits.

Training and Awareness: Airlines and their staff are trained to handle hazardous materials in accordance with the established regulations. You must be aware of these regulations and cooperate with airline staff to ensure a safe and smooth travel experience.

Airline Discretion: Airlines may have additional restrictions and conditions related to hazardous materials. You must consult the airline you're flying with for specific information and requirements.

Emergency Situations: In the event of an emergency situation involving hazardous materials, you must follow the instructions of the flight crew and security personnel. Safety is our top priority, and your cooperation is essential.

Legal Liability:You're solely responsible for the contents of your baggage. Our travel firm, the airline, its staff, and its contractors will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from the transportation of hazardous materials.

Additional Resources: For further information on hazardous materials regulations and guidelines, you can visit your country's Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Transportation website or the International Air Transport Association's website.

Contact Information: If you have any queries or concerns regarding these Hazardous Materials Terms and Conditions, please contact our customer service for further information.

By booking a flight on our website and agreeing to these Hazardous Materials Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge your understanding and commitment to comply with all regulations related to the transportation of hazardous materials. Safety is a shared responsibility, and adherence to these guidelines is essential to ensure the well-being of all passengers and airline personnel.

We strictly condemn and prohibit the use of hazardous materials. No person or authority must carry hazardous materials inside the airline. Please go through the airlines policies to understand the different types of hazardous materials, it is subject to change across different airlines. Any person or authority is found carrying hazardous materials may face strict legal action.

21. Multiple Airline Itineraries

Multiple airline itineraries offer travelers the flexibility to reach their destination using different carriers, but they come with specific terms and conditions. It is crucial for passengers to understand and agree to these terms when booking such itineraries.

Multiple Airlines, Multiple Contracts: While booking multiple airline itineraries, you should be aware that each airline involved operates under its own terms and conditions. Your agreement is with each airline separately for their respective segments of the journey.

Baggage Allowance: Baggage allowances may vary from one airline to another in a multiple airline itinerary. You must carefully review and adhere to the baggage policies of each airline for both carry-on and checked baggage.

Check-In and Boarding: You must comply with the check-in and boarding requirements of each airline in the itinerary. It includes adhering to specific check-in times and boarding procedures for each flight.

Delays and Missed Connections: Multiple airline itineraries may involve separate tickets for each leg of the journey. You're responsible for their connection times and should allow adequate time for potential delays between flights. We are not responsible for missed connections resulting from the delay of a different carrier.

Refund and Cancellation Policies: Each airline in a multiple airline itinerary may have its own refund and cancellation policies. Please note that we have no say in the refund policies of any airlines in your multiple airlines itinerary. You must familiarize yourselves with these policies and be prepared for variations between airlines.

Flight Schedule Changes: Flight schedules may change, and these changes can affect your multiple airline itinerary. You must be prepared for possible flight time adjustments and should stay informed of any updates provided by the respective airlines.

Passenger Information: Passenger details, including names and travel documents, must be accurate and match the requirements of each airline. Discrepancies in your mentioned information can lead to issues during check-in and boarding.

Travel Insurance: We always encourage you to consider travel insurance that covers disruptions and issues in multiple airline itineraries is advisable. Such insurance can provide peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Contact Information: You must have contact information of us and each airline in your multiple airline itinerary readily available. It includes airline customer service, reservation numbers, and emergency contact details.

Change Fees and Penalties: We may charge change fees for making adjustments to multiple airline itineraries. You should understand the potential costs associated with itinerary changes and be prepared for them.

Legal Liability: Each airline in a multiple airline itinerary is responsible for its respective portion of the journey. However, neither airlines nor we are responsible for issues arising from the operations of other carriers in the itinerary.

Travel Documents: You must ensure that you have all the required travel documents for each country visited during your multiple airline itinerary, including visas and passports.

Communication and Coordination: We encourage effective communication and coordination between us and our passengers. You should promptly report any issues or concerns to us or your respective airlines to facilitate faster resolution.

Alternative Travel Options: During delays, cancellations, or missed connections, you must be aware of alternative travel options, like rebooking, accommodation, and meal provisions. However, we will not be held responsible for any such unforeseen situations as all these circumstances are subject to airline's availability and several other factors on their end.

Acceptance of Terms: By booking a multiple airline itinerary, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance to these terms and conditions. You agree to comply with the policies and regulations of each airline involved in your journey.

Travelers on multiple airline itineraries enjoy the advantages of diverse options and flexibility in their travels. However, it is crucial to stay informed, be prepared for variations between airlines, and communicate effectively to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. You must adhere to these terms and conditions for a successful multiple airline journey.

When you're booking flights involving multiple airlines, you're subject to the terms and conditions of each airline. The changes or disruptions in your itinerary are governed by individual airline policies. We are not liable for any issues arising from the multiple airlines. We urge the passengers to review each airline's policies to have a smooth travel.

22. Newsletters

As per the Privacy Policy of this website, we collect your personal information which includes your email id. We use your contact details, like email id for marketing communications, like weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters.

Through our newsletters, we put in efforts to build a strong bond with our customers and help them know us well. You can always opt out of newsletters by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' option at the end of the email.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you acknowledge and agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions outline the rules and regulations governing your subscription to our newsletter service.

Newsletter Subscription

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You agree to indemnify and hold our website harmless and its officers, directors, employees, and agents from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, and expenses, including attorney's fees, arising from your use or misuse of the newsletter service.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

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By subscribing to our newsletter, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. You further understand that these Terms and Conditions are a legally binding agreement between you and our website.

23. Promo Codes

We may offer promo codes that you can use while making travel bookings to avail off discounts. However, these promo codes are subject to specific terms and conditions. These promo codes are eligible for a limited time period. When there is a conflict between terms and conditions of promo code and general terms and conditions, the latter will prevail.

These Promo Codes Terms and Conditions govern the use of promo codes provided by our website. By using a promo code, you accept and agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.

Promo Code Eligibility

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Changes to Promo Codes

Contact and Support

Acceptance of Terms

By using a promo code, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Promo Codes Terms and Conditions. You further understand that these terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you and our website.

24. Fare Changes

If you're requesting a change in your itinerary or flight, you must accept the associated fare changes that come with it. You may have to pay the fare differences along with the cancellation fees of your booking.

The fares of flights, hotels, and other travel services are subject to change according to the airline and other service provider's policies. We at Hydra Travels have no control over the fare changes as we are just the mediators.

If you're making a booking on our website, you accept the fare change policy of the website and abide by the same at all costs.

We appreciate your use of our platform for booking travel services. Please take a moment to review these terms and conditions related to fare changes. By using our website or services, you agree to comply with these terms.

Fare Change Policy

We understand that travel plans may need to be adjusted from time to time. Therefore, we have established this fare change policy to provide flexibility and transparency to our users.

Fare Change Notifications

Whenever there is a change in fares for any travel service you have booked through our platform, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you promptly. Such changes may include adjustments to airfare, accommodation rates, or any other travel-related services.

Reasons for Fare Changes

Fare changes can occur for various reasons, including but not limited to:

User Responsibilities

As a user of our platform, you’re responsible for keeping your contact information up-to-date, like email and phone number. We will notify you about the fare changes through the contact information you provide. If you fail to maintain accurate contact information, it may result in missed notifications.

Acceptance of Fare Changes

When notified about the fare changes, you have the following options:

Timeframe for Decision

You will be given a reasonable timeframe to decide on accepting the fare changes, canceling, or modifying your booking. This timeframe will vary based on the specific airline's policy and the urgency of the fare change.


If you choose to cancel your booking due to fare changes, refunds will be processed according to our refund policy mentioned in our Terms and Conditions. Refund processing times may vary, depending on the airline's policies and banking procedures.

Non-Refundable Fares

Some fares may be non-refundable. In such cases, if you choose to cancel your booking, you may not be eligible for a refund. Please review the fare conditions at the time of booking, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the refundability of your fare.

Exchange Rates

If your booking involves a currency exchange, please be aware that fluctuations in exchange rates may affect the total cost of your booking. We recommend reviewing exchange rate information from reliable sources before making any international bookings.

Force Majeure

In the event of unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control, such as natural disasters, strikes, or political unrest, fare changes or service disruptions may occur. We will do our best to assist you in such situations, but we cannot be held responsible for these changes.


We make every effort to provide accurate and timely fare change notifications, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided by the service providers. We are not liable for any losses, expenses, or inconveniences resulting from fare changes, including but not limited to missed connections, additional accommodation expenses, or changes in travel plans.

Amendments to Fare Change Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Fare Change Policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review this policy periodically to stay informed about any updates.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Fare Change Policy or any aspect of our services, please contact our customer support team who are always available at your service.

25. Resolution of Disputes

By using our website after reading our terms and conditions, you agree to give us a chance to resolve any disputes or claims on our website regarding bookings, dealings with our customer support, our services, products, or any representations made from our end via email or directly contacting our customer support or through the website.

We value our users and strive to provide the best travel booking experience possible. We understand that, at times, disputes or disagreements may arise. Here we outline the terms and conditions related to the resolution of disputes when using our platform. By using our services, you agree to comply with these terms.

Informal Resolution

In the event of any dispute or disagreement related to your use of our services, we encourage you to seek an informal resolution by contacting our customer support team. We are committed to addressing your concerns promptly and efficiently.

Mediation and Arbitration

If an informal resolution cannot be reached, and a dispute remains unresolved, both you and our company will agree to engage in mediation and, if necessary, arbitration to resolve the matter. The following terms apply:

Arbitration Agreement

By using our services, you agree that any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions, including disputes related to bookings and services, shall be resolved through arbitration. It includes disputes arising from any interactions with our website or any related parties.

Arbitration Process

The following terms apply to the arbitration process:

Class Action Waiver

We both agree that disputes will be arbitrated on an individual basis and not on a class or collective basis. You waive any right to bring any dispute as a class action, collective action, or representative action.

Governing Law

The resolution of disputes section shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction where our travel company is registered and located, without regard to its conflict of law principles.

No Jury Trial

We and our users agree to waive the right to a jury trial for any disputes subject to arbitration under these terms and conditions.

Legal Fees

In the event that either party initiates arbitration to resolve a dispute, the prevailing party may be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees and costs, to the extent provided by applicable law.

Opt-Out Provision

If you do not wish to be bound by this arbitration agreement, you have the option to opt out within 30 days of your first use of our services. To opt out, you must send a written notification to us at the address provided in our contact information.


If you find any part of this resolution of disputes section to be unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in effect. We will modify any unenforceable provision to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law to make it enforceable.

Amendments to Resolution of Disputes Terms

We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions related to the resolution of disputes at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review this section periodically to stay informed about any updates.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the resolution of disputes or any aspect of our services, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We are here to assist you and address your concerns.

26. Advice to International Passengers

International travelers must familiarize themselves with passport, visa, health, and entry requirements for their destination countries. We are not responsible for your compliance with these regulations. It's your responsibility to ensure all necessary documents and permits are in order before travel.

We aim to provide international passengers with a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Here we offer important advice about terms and conditions that international passengers should be aware of when using our platform and our services.

Passport and Visa Requirements

Travel Advisories and Warnings

Before traveling internationally, please review travel advisories and warnings issued by your government. These advisories provide information on safety and security conditions in your destination. It is important to stay informed and follow the recommendations provided by your government.

Health and Vaccination Requirements

Some countries may require specific vaccinations or health certificates for entry. Please check with your healthcare provider or visit a travel health clinic to ensure you meet these requirements. You must be aware that some destinations may have specific health restrictions, especially in the case of infectious diseases.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance that covers trip cancellation, medical emergencies, lost luggage, and other unforeseen circumstances. You are responsible for obtaining and understanding the terms of your travel insurance policy.

Currency Exchange and Currency Restrictions

You must familiarize yourself with the currency of your destination and consider exchanging currency before your trip. Also, be aware of any currency restrictions in the countries you are visiting. Some countries have strict rules on the import and export of local and foreign currencies.

Local Laws and Customs

You must respect the local laws and customs of your destination. These can vary significantly from your home country. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, and violations can lead to legal consequences.

Travel Documentation

You must make copies of important travel documents, including your passport, visa, travel insurance, and itinerary and keep both physical and digital copies in separate, secure locations. In case of loss or theft, having copies will expedite the process of replacing these documents.

Emergency Contacts

You must carry a list of important emergency contacts, including the contact information for your country's embassy or consulate in your destination. This information can be invaluable in case of emergencies or unexpected situations.

Travel Alerts and Notifications

You must sign up for travel alerts and notifications from your government or embassy. These services can provide you with important information in the event of natural disasters, political unrest, or other emergencies.

Itinerary Changes and Flight Delays

International travel is subject to delays and changes in itineraries due to various factors, like weather, air traffic, and technical issues. You must be prepared for these possibilities and allow for sufficient transit time when booking connecting flights.

Personal Safety

You must take steps to ensure your personal safety when traveling. Also, be cautious with your belongings, avoid displaying signs of wealth, and be aware of your surroundings, especially in unfamiliar places. We will not be responsible for loss of any object or person or any other adverse consequences.

Accommodation and Services

We urge you to check the reviews and ratings of accommodations and services you book through our website. We strive to offer quality options, but conducting your research can help ensure a pleasant stay.

Traveler Responsibility

It is your responsibility to comply with the rules, regulations, and advice provided by our website and the relevant authorities in your destination. Failure to do so may result in delays, denied entry, or other inconveniences.

Amendments to Advice and Terms

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions related to advice for international passengers at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review this section periodically to stay informed about any updates.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding advice for international passengers or any aspect of our services, please contact our customer support team who will assist you and address your concerns.

27. Our Fees and Exceptions

We may charge service fees for various travel-related services, such as booking changes or cancellations. We will disclose these fees during the booking process. You’re responsible for additional fees imposed by airlines, hotels, or other service providers. These fees may include baggage fees, resort fees, and taxes. All fees are payable in the currency specified during booking. We are not responsible for currency conversion fees or fluctuations.

Certain bookings, promotions, or loyalty program members may be exempt from service fees. We will specify the exemptions in the booking process or promotion terms. We reserve the right to modify service fees and exceptions at any time without prior notice.

We appreciate your use of our platform for booking travel services. Here we have outlined our fees, charges, and exceptions, providing you with a clear understanding of the financial aspects of booking through our website. By using our services, you agree to comply with these terms.

Booking Fees

Sometimes we may charge booking fees for our services which is non-refundable. We will notify regarding the booking fee during your booking process. You will also have the option to accept or decline it. Booking fees are subject to change at our discretion.

Service Fees

When you book some services on our website, it may subject to service fees. These fees are decided by the service providers, like airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and are beyond our control. Service fees may vary based on the specific service and provider. We urge you to review the terms and conditions of the respective service providers for detailed information on their fees.

Payment Methods

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and online payment gateways. The availability of payment methods may vary based on your location and the service provider's policies.

Currency Conversion Fees

If your booking requires currency conversion, then currency exchange rates may apply. These rates are fixed by the financial institutions involved in the transaction and we have no control over them. You may incur additional fees associated with currency conversion, depending on your financial institution's policies.

Price Changes

Prices for travel services, including airfare, accommodation, and other offerings, are subject to change. We do our best to provide accurate pricing information, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the prices provided by service providers. However, prices may change due to factors such as currency exchange rate fluctuations, availability, or promotional offers.

Fare Changes

Airfare may be subject to fare changes due to factors such as seasonal demand, fuel prices, airline policies, and government-imposed fees and taxes. Fare changes are not within our control, and we will make reasonable efforts to notify you promptly of such changes, as detailed in our Fare Changes section in our Terms and Conditions.


Refund policies for bookings vary depending on the service provider and the fare conditions. We will assist you in processing refunds according to the service provider's policies and the fare conditions applicable to your booking. Please review the refund policy of the specific service provider and contact our customer support for assistance if needed.

Exceptional Circumstances

In some cases, we may consider exceptions to our fees and charges due to exceptional circumstances. Such exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We may request documentation or evidence to support your request for an exception.

Amendments to Fees and Exceptions

We have the right to amend terms and conditions related to our fees and exceptions at any time without prior notice. However, all changes will be effective immediately posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review this section periodically to stay informed about any updates.

Contact Us

If you have concerns regarding our fees, charges, exceptions, or any aspect of our travel services, please approach our customer support team for guidance.

28. Travel Protection Plan Disclaimer

Our travel protection plans are subject to specific terms and conditions and its coverage varies according to the plan you select. You must carefully review the plan details, including coverage limits, exclusions, and claim procedures, before purchase. We are not liable for any disputes related to the plan.

29. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

No Warranty

We provide no claims, guarantees, or warranties regarding our website or its contents.

Limitation of Liability

We are not liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages arising due to the usage of our website or consumption of its contents.

30. Risks.

Traveling is a fun activity but it comes with certain risks especially when you’re traveling to specific destinations. We duly inform our clients about the risks associated with their trip. We also urge our clients to be updated on a daily basis about the current news events, travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements and advisories issued by the Governments of specific countries they’re traveling to before making a booking on our website.

We would like to ensure that by offering offers and sales on travel to particular destinations, we do not represent or warrant that traveling to those places are risk-free. We also would like to ensure that we are not liable for any costs, damages, or losses that may incur from traveling to such destinations. When clients agree to travel to such destinations, it constitutes that the client's participation is at their own risk.

31. Third-Party Links

We acknowledge the fact that our website may have third-party links; however, we're not associated with those websites. Our Terms and Conditions are not applicable to the third-party websites.

If you're making any purchases or consuming the content of the Third-Party websites, we urge you to go through their Terms and Conditions. We are not responsible for any adverse consequences that may or may not occur due to the usage of the third-party services or their content.

32. Termination

We are the sole proprietors of this website and we reserve the absolute rights to terminate your access to our website at any time for any reason without prior notice, especially when found indulging in prohibitory activities.